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What are some songs we had no business listening to as a kid?

Knockin da boots and My neck, My Back, My Pussy and My crack

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If you had the chance to do anything with your favorite musician would you??

Do anything, like what? Except for music?

You know how to fix us, when you broke the bond I talked to you, gave you a voice, listened, stayed by your side. I made a huge mistake, I admit it, I should have never harmed you.😞 I felt terrible I would never let that happen again. I did not want to hurt you, can you say the same to me?

Well what did you do?

please may u answer ?? what do you think about having a bf while being married ?? if your husband accept that

First off. Fuck no..
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I found you, the process is in motion now. I kinda want you to keep thinking it's a game now

Suck a dick n die


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