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are you saving up for anything?

A new laptop. Honestly, I have enough already, I just don't want to pull the trigger right now for some reason. I really should. I should just buy it. I'm only hesitating because I just got a new battery for my current one a few months back.

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What is your review of "ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS" by Richard Marx ?

I'm more of a "The Boys Of Summer" by Don Henley person.

How do you behave yourself with people you don't like?

That's my secret, Anon. I don't like anyone.

What’s a good tv show I should start watching

Star vs The Forces of Evil.

Ah, wait, that's over in, like, three episodes. Well, marathon it.

Starco for life, baybee~!

I think the quality of these video releases really depends partially on the company licensing out their shows and partially the company's effort on the video production. Could that be the case with some of these recent Funi releases?

So, in other words, Funimation releases are affordable, but they're rife with quality issues? Honestly, I haven't found too many giant flaws in the Funimation releases I've purchased, some exceptions aside. I get that Aniplex products are probably of a higher production value, but is it enough to spend all that much more? It's a lot for extras.

If Sentai picked up DNT, would they have outright buried it?

On the one hand, since they have the original LoGH, it would kind of get buried, even if they tried to promote it. On the other hand, it's gotten pretty buried at Funimation, anyway, but at least it's affordable. So, in short, EIGHT HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS?!

Men be careful women are setting traps for men.Something is wrong. The American female population especially hates men over 40.

This is not a question. Also, it's awful nonsense.

I really hope the DNT dub doubles down on the guest star VAs when they dub the films. It was surprising to hear Mike Pollock in a Funi dub last year and I would love to be surprised by who else is going to make an appearance.

What, like Steven Blum guest-starring as Arthur Lynch?

God, I seriously hope the upcoming DNT films this year can do justice to the Imperial/Alliance Civil War. The second novel has everything I could want from LoGH, and the first film of three is going to kick off with a possibly exciting Amlitzer battle. Do you hope so too?

Who do you hate more? The old, mentally unstable Broly who who gets triggered by Goku from the earlier films, or this new Broly that everyone supposedly prefers?

I won't even bother with the "new, improved" Broly. Broly doesn't deserve a fourth chance as a concept.

Do you think you’re not a part of the sleeping sheep? Or are you woke? Are you so woke that you’re actually extremely deceived into believe that you’re awake? Or are you so asleep that you’re actually woke because of simplicity?



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