Ask @Penguin_Union_Nation:

I really hope the DNT dub doubles down on the guest star VAs when they dub the films. It was surprising to hear Mike Pollock in a Funi dub last year and I would love to be surprised by who else is going to make an appearance.

What, like Steven Blum guest-starring as Arthur Lynch?

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Thoughts about these new allegations against Vic circulating Twitter?

I can't really speak to them. I'm not a big fan of Vic as a voice actor, I think he's lacking in a certain emotional dimension in a lot of his roles. But Vic as a person? I don't give a fuck. I need voice actors to be talented, not necessarily good people.

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God, I seriously hope the upcoming DNT films this year can do justice to the Imperial/Alliance Civil War. The second novel has everything I could want from LoGH, and the first film of three is going to kick off with a possibly exciting Amlitzer battle. Do you hope so too?

Okay, I expect Aaron Dismuke from now on to start saying stuff in his Reinhard voice in future conventions and ending his panels with "Prosit!" Is that too much to ask?

I, uh, I don't represent Mr. Dismuke, you'll have to take it up with him.
I'd totally join in were I there and he did, though.

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You feel everyone in the DNT dub is miscast or just a few?

Yang's voice has yet to grow on me. And I hate the way they pronounce certain names. I do like Reinhard's and Kircheis' voices (though this is the third pronunciation of "Kircheis" I've heard). Everybody else is just kind of "eh". It's a tolerable dub, not a great one, thus far.

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Is Wikipedia a help or not?

It's good for a start, but you'll want to find a few more resources if you're seriously doing some kind of serious study, paper, or debate. Generally the people willing to go through the trouble of doing a Wikipedia page are, at the very least, well-intentioned.

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