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So some random chick on here yells at me cause she’s drunk and I tell her I’m shocked she can’t find a man with how she was acting and responds then blocks me so I can’t read or respond. Cheap shot lol

Blocking is a winnie ass liberal move 🙄

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How do I know if she/he still have feelings for me????

We use to do this thing, it worked actually all the time, it's called pick up the phone, call and ask if they want to see you...give it a try

Have you ever drank a beer in the shower ? Or is that being an alcoholic?

Shower beers are a marvelous therapeutic get away

Barry I'm making out your bill I didn't want this u thught no one gonna figure it out l f I tried not to but u wouldn't stop having Pam threatened

With the gd made up names and instances already

Where can i find help? My stepdad keep on beating up my mom when she’s late fixing up & preparing his dinner. Right now, she got a black eye and swollen lips. Thanks 🙏….

What's her problem?

You never realize how much You love your Toilet…until you are forced to take a 💩 somewhere else 😈🔥😈

It's just not like home

Would you agree to be a billionaire but it also meant you'd get a pie thrown in your face every hour? The pies would alternate between shaving cream, cool whip, mayo, Marshmallow fluff, and marinara sauce.

Where did this obsession arise from?

(o)(o)Why do women have boobs?……..So you have something to look at when you talking to them.

I know who has a few of these cards up her sleeves

Is there any song lyrics that you like that have a deep meaning to them?

Many, pretty much the whole tapestry album, how about you I'll play something for you

You got to get away from kinobi case is still open and he's 1 of the 4

I'm not interacting with anybody and I'm not involved in any case. I am in a civil custody matter, the rest is dropped as far as I'm concerned, and I know nothing about it anyways.


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