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I used this page in Colorado when I was the only masc In my area and during covid to remain sane

It’s really weird to find it and look at what I said
I don’t remember

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I hate the idea of being famous and I hate attention it scares me. I used to be the opposite and then I got bullied online for 3 years by I couldn’t figure out who

levidinkin2’s Profile PhotoBob The Buulder
People just assume I’m a top or dom because I hate attention and don’t care about a gaze but I’m not I just hate attention

That could be everyone I’ve ever met

levidinkin2’s Profile PhotoBob The Buulder
That narrows it down to either delusional people I’ve met who don’t know that is everyone I’ve ever met or people who don’t know me that well

There is nothing you can do to force someone to love or marry you. You need help like seriously get a life

I’m not doing anything to force anyone to like me

yea bro imagine how I’d act if we’d done things if that to you was how I acted like, one date in I lost my mind it’s still completely lost. it’s good things panned out how they did honestly


what is your biggest obsession?

xmamacita_x39’s Profile PhotoBebesota
Girls and boys sometimes regrettably
More recently a nonbinary person I got attached to randomly
It always starts out so random I’ll be like sure why not and then boom im the one whose more interested and like chasing full speed ahead
I’m always so terrified of being creepy idk why
there’s no stigma with trans men to being predatorial I think im just over tuned into the perils of masculinity

a song you have on constant repeat?

xmamacita_x39’s Profile PhotoBebesota
I’ve been listening to the garden by Miki ratsula
he talks about Colorado
I miss Denver so much I miss driving down those roads in the summer when the sun would set

something you’re proud of?

xmamacita_x39’s Profile PhotoBebesota
I’m proud of my work ethic and resilliancy
Now when I think back to Colorado I feel like it made me strong
I had no idea how hard I was having it out west

are you the type of person to isolate yourself when you’re in a bad mood or do you prefer to be around people to make you feel better?

xmamacita_x39’s Profile PhotoBebesota
I prefer to sleep when im in a bad mood honestly

Ever had anger issues

Only when im not eating out of anxiety
I get this overwhelming uncomfortability and always ultimately end up taking care of myself again but it’s this really weird thing that happens maybe once every other month or so
Sometimes I let it go on for too long

are you happy with the way life is treating you?

xmamacita_x39’s Profile PhotoBebesota
Kind of, I am sort of angry with myself too often to notice. Like no matter what I do it’s not enough to do all of the things that I want and need to happen and like I can remember a time when it was possible
Or it felt like it was
There’s a real struggle of acceptance im not used to living life as a queer person who’s out
It’s been four years but I still feel like idk what I’m doing


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