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How long have you been learning slick2d and have you ever encoutered its limitations witch you had to reprogram in java?

I've been coding in Slick2D for almost 2 years now. I have, but only recently. Since I've started making tutorials on Slick2D, I've noticed that their TiledMap class is more complex to use than it should be, so I just re-wrote my own map loader + renderer :). For my own projects I like to code everything with as little dependencies to slick2d as possible. I only use Sound, Music, Image, SpriteSheet, and BasicGame from Slick2D.

when is mini ludum dare coming out and when is the closest ludum dare from now going to start?

I think the next full #ludumdare is on April 2014.. Not sure tho,

are you capable of making a 3D minecraft replica. in other world do you know how to make a game like it.

Of course! Have you seen Fault? It's a 2d sandbox game sorta like Minecraft. I have also played with 3D, tho I find it a rather hard to make stuff with.

Do u think of making a mobile game? Android of course :3

I'd love to but I'm not too sure how it's done >.<

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