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Do you actually delete blocks in fault, or do you just replace it with air? Dont worry I dont want to copy C:

I don't actually delete blocks, I just copy an air tile, which is basically null. ;)
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How long have you been learning slick2d and have you ever encoutered its limitations witch you had to reprogram in java?

I've been coding in Slick2D for almost 2 years now. I have, but only recently. Since I've started making tutorials on Slick2D, I've noticed that their TiledMap class is more complex to use than it should be, so I just re-wrote my own map loader + renderer :). For my own projects I like to code everything with as little dependencies to slick2d as possible. I only use Sound, Music, Image, SpriteSheet, and BasicGame from Slick2D.
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when is mini ludum dare coming out and when is the closest ludum dare from now going to start?

I think the next full #ludumdare is on April 2014.. Not sure tho,

are you capable of making a 3D minecraft replica. in other world do you know how to make a game like it.

Of course! Have you seen Fault? It's a 2d sandbox game sorta like Minecraft. I have also played with 3D, tho I find it a rather hard to make stuff with.

Will you likely be selling fault on your site or maybe on steam?

Fault will remain free to play but users will have the option to purchase a premium edition with lots of new features. :)

Do you plan on working with or starting a game company in the future, or just working solo?

I don't think GhostID will grow into an official company, but it will remain indie for now. :) Uhm I don't mind team work but honestly, programming gets hard when you work with others. Everyone has a different coding style and unless everyone works on separate parts of a project, it turns into a mess. If I work as a team, I would need artists, sound makers and musicians. x)
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What are some of your favorite video games from you childhood?

Oh gosh uh,
Super Mario World, Ratchet and Clank, Sly... Stuff like that. :)

Do you like sausages or hot dogs better?

Sausages have a sweet spicy taste to them,
hot dogs are just ... Hot dogs, no way to describe them really. x)
Both are very different and cannot really be compared SO I have to go with both.

Will Fault have a storyline, or will it be completely free-roam?

Well both. It will have a storyline but you won't have to follow it.

If you were to change 1 thing about Java, what would it be?

Memory management! ._. They need to let the user have access to modify the memory instantly. -.-

Would you quit programming games if the world were to end in one year?

Uhm, well I guess I wouldn't program nearly as much since there wouldn't be a point BUT it is still a hobby, so I would still make a few things. :)


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