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What do girls do with nail polish??

Great question Hala,
After doing extensive research I've come upon an interesting conclusion: Girls use nail polish as a method to get high. Yes, I know a disturbing revelations indeed. However, many people ask me: "Skyler, why would anyone try that, doesn't it kill brain cells?" Why yes Timmy it does, now go sit in timeout. Anyway, it all started long ago during the initial experimenting of nail polish and it's reagents. While testing the product, one of the scientists accidentally spilled the chemical on her hands, much to her dismay. The smell slowly caused her to get a "buzz" similar to other narcotics (don't try this at home kids!). After the discovery, the scientist realized the possible capital to made by such an intriguing conception, but she quickly thought of the illegality of the concept. In order to make money, she added dye to the polish as a cover so no one would be the wiser. Secretly however, individuals everywhere learned of the true purposes of nail polish and purchased it for the "right reasons". Today, nail polish is widely accepted as a passive narcotic, aka "the product I love to have to paint my nails and totally not to inhale and kill my brain cells".
Hope you enjoyed! And remember sniffing powerful chemicals is a bad life decision. Stay tuned for next weeks topic, elderly gangsters. NOTE: The previous article does not reflect the realistic views and purposes of nail polish, which is in fact a useful product to those who like fashion and styling. Article copyright (c) 2013. Skyler Robbins and affiliates are not responsible for those who disobey common sense and methods. All rights reserved.

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