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Who was your first "video game crush"?

Ara fusilli... I was very little and its from the sims 2 ds game

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Your springs may be broken, but you hold a special place in someones heart

Then they better go find a doctor because i don't think its healthy to have a place in your heart where there's a trampoline...

If you're not a fan, then what are you? A toaster? ....... ....... ....... I apologise for that terrible joke...

I am a trampoline thank you very much

Man that answer was deep. I wasn't bready for that pun, at yeast I understood it.

*poof* did you hear that? Thats you... Hitting the bottom. You can't get any lower than that. Please don't try...

What is your opinion on pundamental physics, the physics of puns?

Didn't you mean my opunion? Because if you're going to make it bad you might aswell go straight to the bottom

Attack the good! Get it out of your hood!

The hood... It... Died... R.I.P in peace hood. May you never have good in you again

Good good good in da hood

What hood? My hood? Do i have a hood? I'm wearing a hoodie... Does that count? I think it counts... Why is good in my hood?!? Get it out!

*cuts open your head* *takes out your brain and puts L's brain in its place*

*dies during procedure as you're not a professional doctor.*

Would you rather have to be clean shaven just by using tweezers once every two weeks for a year, or not wear any shoes and socks for a year?

if clean shaven means i get to keep the hair on my head i'd do that, otherwise i'd go for the shoes and socks... because it doesn't seem that bad... i'd just stay inside

No one can beat L and his mind

hah...hah... might want to watch deathnote again because i think you missed something

Have you heard of the band Area 11? If not, you should listen to them. They are very good :)

listening to them now, they're not bad.

Yesss #TeamL! I agree! Although I also really liked Near (N)

yeah near was amazing but L is the original mastermind.


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