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you can fool everyone else, being this super nice friendly guy, which you are, but your a douche bag on the inside, deep down. Most of the time, you just want to have a fun life, not caring what other people think, which is respectable, i agree.

if i knew who you we're i wouldn't be mad i would appreciate your honesty
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But the things in which you have a skeptical mind towards, like certain subjects like political views and traditional and culture views, kinda needs some work; dont let the media control your opinions. I like that your are facinated by different things, but sometimes, slow down and be more analytic


You are an ass sometimes! Do you know that? And you have this persona that gets really irritating because you HAVE to be right, and it's never ends because you believe, in that little skeptical mind of yours that what you believe is what everyone should, your probably denying it right now. its okay.

Who the hell is this? haha ;p


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