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Hey guys! So I tried the new ask.fm thing to send questions to multiple people at once. You can only do 50 at a time and I thought the usernames would stay in order but apparently not. If I sent you multiple questions, I'm so sorry. And if you did not get a question i'm so sorry for that too. Like this answer if you didn't get the question and you would like me to send it to you. The question is: QOTD: Have you ever sent or received a package/ gift from an online friend? What was it? If you never have, what would you send to at least 5+ friends?

Do you get annoyed when people dont respond to the "why" portion?

ehhh yeaaa. The 'why' was there for a reason, Id like to know why these people are important to them. It's okay though sometimes words cant explain how much these people mean to us :).
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qotd suggestion: favorite TV shows?

That's too generic. I don't like sending questions that everyone has sent before. The one I just sent though is a really common one and I apologize for that, but the next question will be better! :)
qotd suggestion favorite TV shows
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Suggestion for QOTD: Your fave character of your top 3 shows.

I feel like EVERYONE has been asked this question before. I want this account to be creative and unique - not the typical ask account. But thank you for the suggestion :)
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✘ I've realized that a BUNCH of you guys don't even answer my questions - which means I am wasting a lot of my time sending questions to 190+ people when the majority of them don't even answer. I could be doing something a lot more proactive, so please 'like' this answer if you want to keep receiving questions.
✘ Some people are getting angry with me for not sending questions out everyday. I'm sorry but I have other things to do and like I said I'm wasting my time sending questions to a bunch of people which don't even answer.
✘ That's about all I have to say for now. Hopefully there will be no more problems in the future. Have a good day guys! :D

Only one! You said every day.. :/ Sorry but I want to know if you wanna still asking.

i sent them all last week. I was busy recently so I sent one right now. and there will be a tomorrow and another day...I am still asking but it just take time.

Why you do not send questions anymore?

Sorry! Ive been a bit busy. I might ask another question either today or tomorrow! :)
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