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Wasiu shunlam tomader friendship er bole grp bhangse? I mean tomadr ki hoi koi din por por? U Anila n Roshni r no longer frnds?

Get a life yo :/
Amdr friendship er ki hoise na hoise oita tmr jaina laab nai :v
Liked by: Anila Sarah Audry

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Heard tht a Nigga cn give the best satisfaction to a girl in bed?! Shotti naki? I'd luv to have it smday ;)

Ma bed's ready fo u ;)
Bt ma room allows only SEXY CHICKZ though... xD
Liked by: Anila Sarah Audry

R u single or mingling with a showoff single?? xD

Peace O:)
I am single, never was ready to mingle and I am not mingling with ny1 xD x'D
if you consider "Romeo & Juliet" to be dating den oh lord you fags gotta take jokes seriously n make lameass comments dontcha? :')
Dude, I am single and its awesome to be one.. if you are so much interested in my single and or mingle life how about showing up? ;) u know xD
Romeo & Juliet talks lyk each other... Dnt u assholes knw?
Liked by: Anila Sarah Audry

Romeo n Juliet :/ EEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH Gf pao na dheika manusher GF er shathe flirt koro, eitai to parba...

Juliet amr ki hoye na hoye oita tmr janar ki dorkar??
I Luv ma Juliet <3 Problem ase tmr? -_-
Liked by: Anila Sarah Audry

Mista Dark Ace (Da Puff Masta) Rap to korte pare na, abr stage name choday >_<

Ho bhai, ami to WANNABE Rapper...
Apne aisha amare kisu shikhay den, bhalo hoibo na??? xD
Liked by: Saif Sama Sam

Roshni r loge tor add dawa ase niki chodnar po! Thakle or profile a gia dakh or answer! RAPPER khanki r po -_-

Or loge add dawa ase niki nai oita amgo personal bepar, tor eitar bapare chinta kora lagbo na...
Liked by: Saif Sama Sam

Bhai, Roshni apner besty? Kotha ta ki shotti? Chodna r pola! Or loge jiboneo kotha koisos shamna shamni!

Go Home BITCH!!! Ur nt Drunk...
Ur acting to be drunk xD
Liked by: Saif Sama Sam


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