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If you've watched Star Trek, and you've seen at least some of the 5 series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT) which is your favourite?

TonksM’s Profile PhotoTonks Moriarty
I've watched every single episode as it was broadcast since half way through TNG - and at the time my favourite series was Voyager as it was a continuous arcing story which I did like. But upon watching back as an adult, my favourite is without doubt The Next Generation - the story-lines and acting, and some of the topics they approached were fantastic. The original series was great, influential, and amazing but is incredibly date - more-so than some early Doctor Who.
But in film stakes the original 9 films are the best. Except Star Trek 5 which is shit. Except the line "why would God need a starship?" which is an epic line and too good for that pile of excrement.

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If you could have any superpower, but had to fulfill a deed everytime you used that power to pay for the use of that power, would you take that contract, & if so what would your power be, & what would your deed be? (Question based off anime 'Darker Than Black')

That I can fly, but every time I do I look like a pigeon.
(is that how this works? I'm not familiar with the anime ^^ )

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What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?

I could go all utopian and fantasyland and say "world peace" but that's never going to happen - so other than that I'd like to see certain scientific and social events happen. Like, seeing the rising equality in race, genders, and sexualities - within western cultures at least - the last few years is great and I hope it continues.
Other than that, main scientific ones would be the creation of a stable nuclear fusion reaction, and landing men on Mars.

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