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This my ask I been changed pages since you messy bitches want to screenshot shit

Whoever this is get your bullshit ass off my page worry bout your damn self Lil mama or daddy straight up imma screenshot what the fuck ever I want who go whoop my ass no fucking body

Why on your profile pic you standing on a hoe corner looking like a crack head dick

Hahaha whoever the fuck you are I am far from a crackhead not even close to looking like one so fall the fuck back

These motherfuckers need to quit worrying bout me go do something with their life these questions is funny ass hell I know that much I didn't know that many didn't like me and guess what LAPORCHA don't give a damn in still go sleep good and get this money so go on ask all the hating ass questions ha

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Straight the fuck up whoever don't like can roll the fuck over and die

Which gossip is there about you?

The gossip is I'm a trick lol too funny worry bout your self I don't trick


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