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Can you make torches brighter?

I would only want to make the Mine Blocks 1 torch glow bigger if the lighting system was more akin to Mine Blocks 2's.

Can you add a "3D Mode" that can be toggled on or off ONCE per world. At default 2d though, but people can choose 3d if they want.

Gosh it'd be a major FEZ moment to see the world just transition magically into a rather different 3D game!
And on the flip side, how tragic of a motif it would be for a vast 3D world to forever be locked to two dimensions. Someone should make a film about this!
I'd say the best luck you would have to get an effect like this is to modify something already 3D like Minecraft.
But even so, there are definitely some things that can't totally work 1:1. There are directional-dependent elements, or things with behavior that have dimension-based polarity, if that makes any sense. To name a few like that: conduits, redstone, water flow, minecarts, and portals all have some interesting differences when you add or remove a dimension. And, well, the shape of every object differs - every flat image would need to become a 3D object made of many images, woah! ^^
Would you have to generate a 3D world for every 2D one? If you terraformed a mountain in 2D, how would that look when going back to 3D? How would you ever pick a good slice of your 3D world to forever see in 2D?

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can you add multiplayer server hosting to mineblocks 2?

If multiplayer is properly worked on again for Mine Blocks 2, yeah I currently would prefer to allow people to host servers, versus making a public server system.
I mean, hosting server lobbies myself would be expensive, and either I would have to rely on making MB2 multiplayer a paid service, or be able to make enough ad revenue to offset it, which is a super risky thing to rely on. And I could always do a "realm" type of service for those who want it.
But I don't know! The game's not quite there yet haha
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Mine Blocks 2 has far lands? 🤔

Crystal ❄️
It only really had that during the development of the world generator when I sent out that tweet long ago.
I tried again not too long ago to see if they were still there, and really if you're far enough away, things just don't show up at all. From what I could tell, there are no longer "far lands".

Do you plan to add more animations to the skins? (https://twitter.com/RioluSkins/status/703293822906843136)

Crystal ❄️
No plans; I don't want to semi-invalidate the tens of thousands of skins that were already submitted (including ones that may have taken years to be moderated), nor do I wish to make it more difficult for users to create new ones.
But, it may happen someday anyway - it is rather limiting for me to stick with the same frames for all these years haha. I've been doing what I can, with the sleep animation, eat animation, and mob heads for example. Though I'm sure there'll be a point where it just wont be ideal to use existing frames -- it's a bit funny to imagine what swim/crawl/fly animations would look like with the current frames xD
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Wouldn't it be better to put a dialog box in the MB menu where you notify if there is a new version? Like a pop-up, not a text

Crystal ❄️
It actually can do that already, but I've never used it because it in my opinion it would be annoying to have a dialog pop up like that xD

Snowman Slide was not going to be available on Google Play? Spike Tower will be available on Google Play? Google Play requires some money to keep the games in the store? I ask a lot of questions??!

Crystal ❄️
I think putting games on Google Play is just a one time fee.
It takes a lot of extra time to polish up the games and prepare them to be mobile-friendly, but it's definitely been something I've been wanting to do for a while. Now that everything is in Haxe, it's like 100x more doable. Flash ran extremely poorly on phones, so that was holding me back a lot.

Maps still are a future feature for Mine Blocks? How would they be moderated?

Crystal ❄️
It would be cool, but I don't really have the ability to host that sort of thing.
But Discord's been working really well for sharing maps. And some cool person has been collecting maps on their fan site, so there's that ;)

How does the weight of the worlds of Minecraft work? They are infinite worlds that weigh very little. I mean, do you think Haxe can help compress Mine Blocks files even more? It would be useful, isn't it? :)

Crystal ❄️
The 2b2t Minecraft server is 9 TERABYTES large. O_O
With byte-packing, serialization, and lookup tables, I could make saves significantly smaller. It would require a huge save format rewrite, which I've been wanting to do for ages!

So you appeared in the newspaper once? What was the notice about? :O And wait whaaat your pfp has binary numbers?!! I didn't notice that before hahaha!

Crystal ❄️
My friend from school submitted the article - she was in a journalism class, and wanted to report on Zanzlanz. She has continually been a very nice and supportive friend!
And yes! You can only notice the digits if you really look closely ;D
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How do ads work on your YT channel? Do you get paid by the number of people who watch it or only by the number of clicks? Both?

Crystal ❄️
I think the answer is that it depends on both. Advertisers can choose from different bid types when they create a campaign - they may bid to optimize impressions, clicks, or "conversions".
In the end, YouTubers mostly just see is the number of impressions and how much money it yields. This stat is called the "RPM", which means "revenue per thousand views".
If you're watching YouTube with a Premium subscription, a very small percentage of that subscription money goes to every creator you watch as well.
Lastly, if someone donates through YouTube, that's just a direct transaction of course.
I'm no expert, but that's how I see it at least :)
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In theory the enchantments and commands will be "easy" to port to MB Beta? The difficult thing is to connect/separate the graphics to the logic, I'm wrong?

Crystal ❄️
They aren't thoroughly tested, but I imagine most enchantments have been already functioning in the current beta releases.
Commands require, to start, having inventory states and text entry support, which would certainly have to be rudimentary at first xD Then it needs the general parsing (somewhere around 2000 lines of code), and anything that integrates with the various commands (like, you need to connect to mob code for summon to work, or lightning for the lightning command).
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What are you favorite music genres???

leonardoalarcon14’s Profile PhotoLeonardo Alarcon
My taste is more for electronic music - stuff that explores unique sound design. I know that's a super broad genre, but it tends to be hit or miss within all the subgenres, so it's hard to be all that more specific haha.
I also enjoy orchestral music (like a good movie soundtrack) and chiptunes (some people make music on Game Boys, for example).
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+1 answer in: “Do you like Ariana Grande??”

Oye, que se molesto un monton, pero... los puedo ayudar en algunas opciones para la proxima version de mineblock? me entretiene el juego Espero mi respuesta

Everyone is always welcome to make suggestions for Mine Blocks features. :)
I might not respond to every suggestion, but I still read and consider everything. It inspires the direction of the game one way or another.

Why skins do not show their ID on MineBlocks.com/1/skins?

Crystal ❄️
Oh, I could totally add that! The ID is already in the URL, so I didn't think that was necessary, but I think browsers have started hiding full URLs now, so it is best to stop relying on that. :)

Based on your days of rest, Mine Blocks updates will always be on the weekends? 🤔

Crystal ❄️
It works nicely for me that way!
As you've noticed, Fridays seem to work best.
I can focus on managing the releases for a couple of days, and by the time I've recovered from the energy, I'm ready to start a normal week by Monday :)

Hey Zanz a question Do you plan to change the MB Textures?

Asdrubal Rodriguez
I may update whatever is most needed, whenever it's a useful time to do so. I know that's vague, but I'm not too sure how else to answer xD

The zanz.net links gives you 1 extra visit? That's called a rebound visit? So, somehow you make a little more money or something like that?

Crystal ❄️
I haven't heard it called that. Are you referring to a bounce? Bounces are when users leave a site without clicking on an internal link.
I don't make money from people using those links, no, but it's nice because if links to anything change, at least the zanz.net links will always be the same. And it's a great link shortener!
For example, if I ever want to link to my Spotify, it's sooo much easier to write "zanz.net/spotify" or "zanz.net/sp" instead of "open.spotify.com/artist/1CrF5engChrxyYtgB962xF".

How was your start? I mean, with 14 years old I think it is difficult to buy all the licenses, a host for your server, buy your domain, etc. How was your parents' reaction? What did they tell you when they knew you could make money making games with your age? :)

Crystal ❄️
My parents were always supportive, though they thought I'd just use what I learned to make money in other ways, like making websites for people. They didn't really say anything about that stuff xD
I had a homepage since I was 11, and it was very cheap back then, so it was really easy to get started. Things might have turned out much different if it was expensive! Though I was lightly scolded when I bought mineblocks.com without asking (it was expensive! I'll just say it was by far the most expensive thing I bought at that time xD) :3
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Do you consider an alternative to leave diverse objects that tell a story in a way that tells events in a discreet way? Like in Minecraft with the nether portals destroyed under water Then MB2 wouldn't be locked into a story mode only

Crystal ❄️
Yeah I don't think MB2 will end up having a story mode the way I intended it to. I really liked what I started but in the end it actually went against all of the reasons why MB2 would be fun.
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