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Hurhurr guess who.....pfft nvm its me shamallama ;D :P ok question of the day.....what would you do if you were home alone and came to know that there were theifs planning to rob u o.o

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well i have 3 plans:
plan A: i go to my room and grab my
prepared tube under my bed and call the police, in case tht they enter my romm and try to get my pc then....one of us will end up on the hospital.
plan B i go to the kitchen , i grab a kitchen knife and rush into my room with the hope of scaring or hurting the thief before he gets my pc (i may be injured or killed...)
plan C i call the police and start yelling like mad "THERES A THIEF IN MAH HOUSEEEEEEEEEE".
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Do you have a crush on kitteh?

LOLno but if i had the chance to go out with her i would take it, i'm not interested in love for now but if someone ask me out i wouldn't turn her down.
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i told you to not look inside my brain......why dont you ever listen to what i say?

Yes you were talking about me with your friend!!! Fuck at this point all I remember is beautiful

coz you are beautiful so whenever someone sees you the cant help but say how beautiful you are ;)
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