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Une personne qui ne te connais pas dirais que tu es rude et savage, (ce qui est vrai 😂😂❤️) mais une personne qui te connaît vraiment saura que tu es totalement le contraire, même si des fois je me demandes comment tu fais pour clasher les gens aussi violemment 😂😂. Quand je te regarde je vois >>

😂😂❤️ true

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(En anglais jsuis plus à l’aise) You are so beautiful, you are kind, you are intelligent, and you are wonderful. I don’t think you are told how wonderful you are enough. Do you know how special you are?
There is no one like you. Not a single soul out of the 8 billion on this earth are as tightly bound so mine as yours is. Your are so, so, patient because you deal with me and my annoying habits and my attitude every day and you always come back to me, even if I push you away. You have made me laugh countless times. Our messages would make sense to no one else, ou conversations are crazy to anyone passing by. I can tell you absolutely anything and you will listen. I can cry over the same boy night after night, and you will let me cry on your shoulder each night. I can tell the same story 4 times and you will laugh each time. You know me inside and out, and for someone to know everything about me and still love me as you do, well, the must me a truly wonderful person
I am so, so lucky to have you. You are worth every diamond on this earth. And because you are wonderful, so amazing, so unfailing in you love for me I promise you this:
I will always be here for you. I will always stay by your side. You could Never lose my friendship, my love. I will be through thick and thin and everything in between. I will stand up for you when others who do not see your brillance try to knock you down.
Because you are my best fiend, because I love you.
And nothing will ever change it

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