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How would you react if a guy you're dating told you he has a fantasy of you cheating on him with another guy?

I would make them trust me and let them know that something like that wouldn't happen, in my case anyway

what who said kerri doesnt have a butt like whoever said that doesnt pay attention enough lol shes just the same as alicia and emily

Ok, idc

its actually not that big and this person is over exaggerating its literally not that big itd just average like u have the same 🍑 as like emily and kerriana and kristina and tori


At the moment? Well.. you're saying that you've liked girls before or you are bi. Ok thanks for the info sweetie

Ok your being difficult and trying to pull information out of me that doesn't exist so you can think what you want but I very much am attracted to guys and like guys so just shit the fuck up😂


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