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do you hang out with your own kind? Why or why not

This is important: I will not talk or hang out with you just because you are Asian.
I could care less.
If anything, I just avoid them at all cost, especially if they’re my ethnicity because I want to talk to people who have similar hobbies and interests as me, not because we share the same race.
And I personally feel like growing up, a lot of Asians that I’ve observed were cliquey as fuck.
But I do love my 🇻🇳 babes that I went to school with I miss y’all 🥺
I do love Filipinos though, y’all cool as fuck. 😂💖
Lotsa my friends are different races/ethnicities but I know sometimes people ask me why I don’t hang out with much Asians and that is my answer 🤷🏻‍♀️

Post something that you want to share or say ? ?

If y’all don’t know this, I truly really just hate my appearance more than anything.
But it’s getting way better because the guy I like (as if right now) makes me a greater person and inspires me to be the very best.
I still get a lot of questions about my ex and it still hurts cause it ended so shitty and I resorted to bad habits.
My previous crush before him made me hate myself and put me in the lowest point of my life and I really despise this guy now.
Other guys I hooked up with would use it was a trophy.
I honestly would be perfectly fine with the fling life if I didn’t catch feels or loathed my appearance so much.
I didn’t really have good experiences with guys because of my bad choices in men obviously.
And to those guys who respected my boundaries and purely stayed my friend, my brother, & the one always doing homie checks, I fucking appreciate you & y’all know that.
I have such shit trust issues that I just ignore everything in life when going to work, and when I’m off, I’m back to being a hermit potato.
I used to be very androphobic when I was younger and I’d freak out if a male was near me- and sometimes it comes out to this day.
I do pull the “I’m gay” or “I was born male” card a lot cause of it.
I’ve seen and experienced a lot of fuckery in life to stand my reason why I am the way I am now.
Like I said, I met and realized I had so many friends that truly care about me and I realize that I’m not a the biggest shitbag but I have to be the best one at least ?

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If your previous gf/bf wanted to get back together with you and have a fresh start would you?

No. I don’t like thinking about my ex in that sense. I have a lot of animosity towards him since in the end he really fucking broke me. He’s not a bad person, things just ended so shitty.
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Do you trust people easily?

Not even. Can’t trust nobody unless you communicate enough and learn that y’all vibe
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How tall are you?

Idk why everyone thinks I’m short, but I’m really not. Y’all be thinking I’m like 4’11 but I’m 5’6 and I’m tallest female in my family ???
Here’s a family background for y’all lmao:
well my distant girl relatives are up to 5’10 but yeah. Idk where I get it from when the my close female related family are 5’3 and below tbh. But maybe cause my close uncles are also 5’10-6’0 tall.
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I have seen things and done things I'm not proud of. What's your story?

The only thing I’m not proud of was relapsing in my depression bc of some boy

What is your favorite song

don’t have a specific but like I’ve been listening to Saint John’s album nonstop. fav song is Roses


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