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Hitler, stalin and many other people in history and even now. The disbelief and obedience of the gospel causes harm and depravity to society. Sin leads to death and many people think there is no absolute moral giver (aka atheists) and when there is no absolute morality people just do what they want

Um im an atheist but I still believe that you have to follow laws because they keep people safe and not killing or anything that isn’t fair because being murdered isn’t a part of life because it’s not supposed to happen

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Does anyone else think that the only good thing about Summertime is the awesome sunsets you, occasionally, get to see!? I'm a fan of Autumn and Winter!!!!!!! Spring can be good, when it rains for days on end, too.

Well it’s more nostalgia for me like going to beach at sunset and eating Thai food and playing soccer and also going to a small town near by and going shopping and eating ramen OR going to a park on Sunday after moons for concerts and playing while the sun goes down and eating ice cream so yeah... nostalgia

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