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Not the original anon, but is that really your handwriting? It's aesthetic af

yeah !! ^v^ I love writing in cursive, although I'm not the best at capital letters and lowercase r's. my cursive can be a lot sloppier than this,,,,,,,,,but I tried really hard to make it pretty for the post LOL

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+1 answer in: “What colors would you choose to define every season? For me it´d be: Spring-Green, Summer-Blue, Autumn-Orange, Winter-White.”

What’s in your pockets right now? 🖤

I don't have any pockets on these shorts, but even if I did, they'd still be empty 😭 I rarely put things in my pockets for some reason.
I have some stuff sitting next to me that I've been carrying around all morning, though! hopefully that's a close enough equivalent, even if some of them are too big to fit in a pocket x"D I've got my phone, a pineapple coconut bodyarmor (a sports drink), a wrapper from a chocolate mint zoneperfect nutrition bar, and my drawing tablet's stylus.

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What colors would you choose to define every season? For me it´d be: Spring-Green, Summer-Blue, Autumn-Orange, Winter-White.

ooooh mine would be similar! I made this image real quick to show the exact colors I'm talking about, excuse my handwriting xD
spring is a spring green, representing new growth on plants (:
summer is bright yellow for the sun!
autumn is a pumpkin orange, because halloween rules all LOL
and winter is an icy blue!

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What’s your go to order at McDonald’s?

I have two different ones depending on the time of year (:
during the winter, I like to get a buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich with a side of fries. to drink, either a fruit punch or a soda (depends on my mood).
during the summer, I like to get a bacon ranch salad with crispy chicken and ranch dressing. the ideal drink is a slushie, but if the machine is broken (50/50 chance LOL), I get something else.

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Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Vanessa ☽
I like pepsi better (x
growing up, my mom treated coca-cola like a cure-all that could heal any illness. she swore by that stuff! I'd have to drink some every time I was sick and it made me strongly dislike it.
I don't hate it anymore, but it wouldn't be my first pick by any means.
on the other hand, we never really had pepsi around so it was something special that I could only have at restaurants and friends' houses (:

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Which celebrity would you like to meet?

it would be really cool to meet bang chan from stray kids (:
he seems very down-to-earth and intelligent. 100% the best group leader ever! you can tell that he genuinely cares about his teammates and fans, he's just a great person overall.
I think it would be fun to talk to him, even just for a moment. he deserves all the appreciation in the world 💜

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What's your advice for someone whose depressed??

be open and honest about how you feel with trusted friends, family, or doctors. it's okay to need help to overcome mental illnesses, and you don't have to be alone through that process. bottling things up or keeping them hidden will only make them worse!
if things are getting rough, definitely consider psychotherapy or medications. sometimes depression is caused by factors out of your control and it isn't admitting defeat to use those things. they are tools available to you to help you feel better, and they've helped a lot of people. it can be scary, but imagine the benefits that could come from it.
if you're currently on a medication and it's not helping, be honest with your doctor and advocate for yourself. sometimes it takes many tries to get it right, but once you do, it's sooooo worth it.
depression is part of the human experience. it isn't something weird or that makes you an outcast. we'll get through it together ✊🏻💜

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