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Am I crazy for talking to my cat?

xoclariiexo’s Profile PhotoSay Cheese
nope, I do the same thing. it's kinda like how adults talk at babies and toddlers? their comprehension isn't really there, but that doesn't really matter. it's wholesome and they're precious <3

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If your ex going thru a lot would you still help them?

it depends. I'm not on bad terms with all of them, however,,,,,
one of them was a massive guilt tripper and attention seeker. I wouldn't believe a word he said, he'd probably just be trying to manipulate me.
another one is just straight up beyond help. some of his friends and I have tried for YEARS to help him. it's to the point where he has to want to help himself, there's nothing more we can do. I've let go at this point and won't talk to him unless he admits he needs help and is willing to seek it.
one of them assaulted me, I hope he rots in hell (:
the rest are okay. I'd probably lend them a hand as a friend, just long as I didn't get too involved.

Have you ever been a hot air balloon?

yes, I have. it was really fun! but also quite scary since I'm afraid of heights 👀

Does pineapple go on pizza?

Bull1sh’s Profile PhotoCraig
naurrrr only on dessert pizza 😭 it's so wrong with tomatoes! but I love how chaotic it is, people who like pineapples on their pizza are automatically cool

Is it selfish to not want children?

nope! your life, your choice about your future. everyone wants something different in life. I personally don't want kids either (:

Do you have allergies?

yeah! I'm allergic to grass, mold, dust mites, perfumes/fragrances involving flowers, a few medications, and probably cinnamon. I keep unlocking new allergies as I get older 😭👍🏻
if I keep getting my dad's allergies, I'll probably also be allergic to tree pollen and wood smoke (if I'm not already OTL)

Do you have any tattoos? If so how many

nope! I don't have any. I think they're super pretty, though 👌🏻

has there ever been an AskFM killer?

tw // murder
a while ago, there was someone claiming to have killed people before. he was giving details about victims and locations of crimes overseas,,,,,I don't know if it was true or not, but I absolutely did not take any chances and noped tf out. way too creepy and unsettling.
as far as I'm aware, he got banned for breaking the tos. I haven't seen anything like that since and I'm very, very glad!

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Do you have plants at home?

yeah! I currently have these houseplants in my room:
• dracaena sanderiana / lucky bamboo
• aloe vera
• notocactus schlosseri
• aloe ciliaris / climbing aloe
• prickly pear
• crassula ovata x3, two are 'gollum' finger jade while one is big and round like a typical money plant
• aloe 'christmas carol'
• mystery succulents x2 and their propagations x7
• mystery air plant
• mystery cactus propagation that hasn't rooted, but hasn't wilted and died in MONTHS, idek how it's alive tbh,,,will probably die ):
• mystery aloe or aloe-like succulents x3 that are all probably dying too ))):
most of my plants are on the verge of death sjkfhdsjghds I'm such a bad plant mom!! I don't have a green thumb at all, I've killed too many plants over the years ㅠㅠ

Do you still wear earrings? Haven’t wore one since senior prom 2015

I never got my ears pierced, but I like wearing clip-ons sometimes when I dress up :D

Do you play any video games? If so, what is currently your favorite game to play.

HaylieCooler’s Profile PhotoHaylie
genshin impact is my all time favorite <3
most of my time is dedicated to genshin so I don't play many other games, but I also like minecraft, sims 4, animal crossing, and some mobile games like purrfect tale and animal restaurant :3c
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Do children like you?

WilliamConn61’s Profile PhotoWilliam Conn
yes, maybe a little too much 😭 kids follow me around when I go outside sometimes and I don't know why. not that I dislike kids, just that having the universe throw a random kid at you is really odd? LOL
I swear,,,,,if I go anywhere, there's a chance that a total stranger under the age of 10 will gravitate towards me and cling to me. they'll compliment me and demand that I play with them. meanwhile, I'm panicking because I'm suddenly responsible for a child and I can't find their parents,,,,,,,,,,and this child has no fear of strangers???? RED FLAG?????? it's so concerning. I worry about their safety, especially if their parents don't care 🥲


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