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🍍🍍pizza is life 🤑🤑

your opinion is valid, but incredibly chaotic LMAO
pineapples are v good on dessert pizzas, but I've never liked them on pizzas w/ tomato sauces ㅠㅠ
maybe that's a skill issue on my part

i heard the boosters didnt have enough testing. gives health complications say the normal people, some with no health industry experience. dont you wanna wait until you're sure?

"normal people...with no health industry experience" is all you need to say for me to know that those people have no idea what they're even talking about LOL
I'm far more inclined to trust professionals who know what they're talking about / have been studying. I do NOT trust some random people who probably think their totally unrelated symptoms are caused by a vaccine.
as a distant, but related example,,,,,,say you needed surgery. who would you rather have perform it: some dude with a rusty hatchet and a chloroform-soaked rag saying "trust me bro, I know what I'm doing", or an actual surgeon with qualifications who went through medical school?
vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. the chances of anything seriously bad happening are incredibly slim (and are usually from allergies to a vaccine component iirc?). you'd have a WAY higher chance of getting hurt from just driving down the highway or something LOL

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Do you ever throw your glasses when you take them off instead of setting them down?

LOL sometimes I do that on accident, but it's always onto my bed or couch so they've never been damaged from it. I do that with my phone a lot, too xD

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Do you have scars anywhere on you’re body ?? If so what how did you get em ??

I only have a few and they're all from the dumbest things, not even something cool like my bike accidents LOL
my first scar is on the inner side of my heel, although it's very faint now. long story short, I refused to go to school one day in probably,,,,middle school? so my dad was dressing me to drag me out the door. he accidentally cut me with his pinky nail when he slid my sock on.
my second scar is on the top of my ankle. I dropped a metal lockbox on my foot and sliced off a mole that used to be there. ouch.
my third scar is a spot on my leg from accidentally cutting myself with a pair of scissors during a craft project. I'm just dumb sometimes
and lastly, I have an acne scar on my forehead. bleh.

Do you ever litter?

no, never. I really hate people who litter!! it doesn't take a lot of energy to hold onto your trash until you find a trash can.
other people and animals deserve clean surroundings. littering is selfish and rude!

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When was the last time you had a birthday cake?

I think it was back in march for my brother's birthday 👀

Did you take the covid vax?

yep! I didn't get any boosters yet, though. just my original two shots

Do you wear contacts or just glasses?

just glasses 🤓 I'm too afraid to try contacts since my eyes are really sensitive. I used to want contacts, but now I'm used to my glasses and it would be strange without them

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Do you answer every question?

no, there's a lot that I ignore — mostly spam or questions I've already answered before. I really enjoy answering fun and interesting questions, though [:

How would you title this chapter of your life?

Hawk81484’s Profile PhotoHawk
I love unnecessarily long titles, so perhaps "tirelessly fighting the waves that attempt to rock my boat, but the ocean never stops moving, even for a moment,,, there will always be waves lapping at my hull."
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Is it okay not to be emotionally ready for a long term relationship? I rather not react emotionally and ruin it.

late reply sjfhdjkfhd but yes, that's totally okay!! you don't have to be at that stage of your life (or ever be at that stage for that matter). if you don't think you're ready, it's okay to wait. you should only do what you're comfortable with (:

Do you like seafood? What is your favorite?

I love seafood 🥰 tuna, salmon, and eel are probably my favorites, but I also like crab, shrimp, and other misc fish like what you'd find in breaded fish sticks or fillets.
my favorite seafood dishes are sushi, toasted tuna fish sandwiches, and baked salmon.
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Do you plan on doing any traveling this year?

nope, I'm hoping to stay in ohio and take things easy this year. I got covid in december and I really don't want a repeat! it set me back on my progress with my panic disorder
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Are you gay straight or bi

I'm sapphic 💗 that's a girl who likes girls, but not necessarily exclusively. I could be pan, or I could be a lesbian w/ comphet for feminine guys,,,,,it's easier to just use an umbrella term for both until I figure it out
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How many babies do you want to be the mother of?

none, I can't handle the idea of being pregnant LOL. I'd rather adopt if I ever want to be a mom. for now, though, I have absolutely no desire to have any kids other than my lovely pets 🐱🐾

How long without one sex until you’re not considered bi anymore?

your sexuality doesn't change just because of those circumstances. you're still bi even if you're in a long-term, committed relationship with someone, and you're still bi even if you've never dated a specific gender before.
you don't stop liking cats just because you adopted a dog, right? and you'd still like tacos even if you ordered pizza for dinner.

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Is it ok to be gay

yes, of course <3 🏳‍🌈🌈 there's nothing wrong with it. what happens between two consenting adults is none of other peoples' business.

Just curious, would you date a trans man (female to male)?

this is an interesting question since I identify as sapphic. I'm attracted to femininity across genders.
I wholeheartedly support trans men. they're men! whether or not I'm attracted to them depends on their gender expression rather than their gender identity. and by that, I don't mean whether or not they "pass" - I mean how they CHOOSE to express themselves.
I know gender expression doesn't always align with identity. for example, there are people who identify as men but choose to appear feminine. I'm attracted to those people because I'm attracted to their femininity (:
I would hypothetically also be attracted to trans men if they expressed themselves outwardly in a feminine way,,,,,,,,but a majority of trans men obviously want nothing to do with femininity anymore from dysphoria, hence their identity as men. so,,,,,,,,probably not. I'm just not attracted to masculinity. maybe in a rare circumstance where a trans man still wants to appear feminine despite identifying as a man, though?

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Hi everyone! I’m new what’s up :)

hi! it's nice to meet you :D I hope you're having fun here so far and haven't gotten too many intrusive questions from strangers xD

Are you on FB?

I am, but I keep it private. I only add people I know irl, distant family, and very close online friends. my family is always posting embarrassing photos of me on there LOL


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