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Haha woah, nigga I know you ain't as soon as you get here. But I'm just saying, smartass. !!!

Ummhmmm plus I'm starting school right when I get there.

Ummmmhmmm it better be a friend lil nigga or else we'll have problems... Lmfao

Lol whatever keep talking and see what happens. x)

Lol who's that you're talking to about Arizona? Cause I know I didn't ask that and Imma live right around the block from you boo...

Lol a friend from Mira Mesa that lives over west from us. Haha stop getting jealous.
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Honestly I miss you. I can't wait til you come out to AZ. =)

Riiiiiiight. Lol you act like as soon as I get there I'm gonna be able to visit... Haha you better be patient nigga. Shiiiit.


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