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Do you think being an atheist makes one stronger, weaker or that it doesn’t effect their inner strength and will to live?

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It’s harder to be fully atheist than to just believe in God. After I studied the human body, how each cell and organ was uniquely designed so specific for its function… including all animals/fish…. it’s just so clear

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Do you think people shouldn’t have kids if they aren’t financially ready?

Yeah, but kids aren’t usually planned, I say still keep

Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

I do think most guys do it. But I believe he should have enough respect for you not to do it.

Are you okay with your girl not knowing how to cook ?

Lol I wanna see the answers to this. But guys…you can just teach her

Can you be friends with an ex.

If you’re mentally able to handle it, You could be acquaintances. Not besties. It’s hurts more to be friends

Do you like running or walking better for exercise?

Walking or jogging. With Running I wouldn’t last long lol

What's your favorite place you've ever traveled to?

I’ve only been one place out of the country. And it was fun.


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