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Would you rather have a magic van that can teleport you anywhere you want and time travel anywhere you want, or a magic ring that when it touches a book you absorb all the knowledge inside?

Would u rather be a scared bitch and remove a thread or a real OG and man up

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what's the next in life for u?

It takes a shitty ass person to think kindness is weakness. Only a bitch would say that

Ask you need to fix this. All the shoutouts are in my personals and it’s going to take forever to delete

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lazy ass delete them

What do I wear on a first date? Do I wear jeans or do I wear a dress we're just going to the movies

that sucks lol

I apologize if I upset someone on here or said something inappropriate or rude it was wrong I didn’t realize I did something wrong was not my intentions to hurt anyone.

cool now go the fk on


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