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Latest answers from ASKfm Help

hello, how can i stop getting shoutouts? i know i can deactivate seeing them in the questions but i don't want to get shoutouts at all!!!!!!

Sorry, but it is not possible to remove shoutouts.
Remember you can always report shoutouts that you find inappropriate or block user.
We appreciate your feedback!

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What is special in VIP ?

t’s our unique way to appreciate our active and loyal users who answer and ask questions daily. VIP users get weekly coin bonuses, additional coins for question and answers, they also get promotion in ASKfm to bring more attention and popularity to their accounts. And other special benefits like unique giveaways and an opportunity to be the first to test new features

how can i know if someone blocked me ?

We do not reveal that information as well as we do not notify user whom you block.

How does askfm works?

You can start with just asking and answering questions to attract new followers.
Here you can find the most important info about how it works https://support.ask.fm/hc/en-us
Also, you are always welcome to ask us any question regarding AskFm here, that's what we are for!

there is no option for that, what should I do??

Thanks for question!
There have been some changes and Shoutouts are now sent to all users. Check your inbox for new fresh questions!

How to send a picture to someone

We do not have chat option, but thanks for your suggestion!
We took your feedback under the consideration!

Can anyone help me decide what should I buy with 1000 pesos???

It is always a great idea to buy more coins on ask.fm :)

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