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Please help!!

Sure, we are here to help you!

Write to our Support team ASAP to get help you are looking for:

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How do you use social media?

ASKfm Help

Take part in this fun survey !

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How can I get verified without having a verified twitter or any verified social media? Is there any way? Hopefully there is.

You do not need to be verified on Facebook or Twitter to get the blue badge.

Here is the checklist for your account before you apply for verification:
✅ active
✅it’s your personal account, not a fan page

Does your account match these criteria? If yes, do not hesitate and write to our Support team:

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How to get the verified badge?

Write to us via this link

Choose category “Account verification” and make sure you write the correct email.
We always answer in 24 hours ;)

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How are you feeling right now?

Full of the joys of spring!

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The best part of ASKfm?


I forgot my password and the email i gave in that account,I only know my username I dont know how to get my account back?

Please send your request to our support team selecting “Can't login” as an inquiry type. We will do our best to help you solve this issue!

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How can you help me if someone threatens me in anonymous? Help me please ... you can see who writes in anonymous

If you receive threats, you need to act immediately!

Click on the three dots next to the question (or swipe to the right side if you use iOS app) to report the question. Our moderators will take action to stop these threats.

After you have reported all such questions, block the user.

Please check our Safety Center and learn more about tools, which can help to keep yourself safe:

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I can't subscribe a user,whenever I try to subscribe a message pops up "You can't subscribe to this user at this time" me out?


It seems this user prefers secrecy in ASKfm.

If you wish to remove this option in your profile as well, check your settings and switch off the option shown in the picture.

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ASKfm app or web?


Hyy how to upload a video over here Pls tell

Get the ASKfm app, if you don’t have it yet!

Adding a video is similar to how you add a photo – answer the question and tap on the respective camera icon.

Check here to install app:

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Why is there a dialog box showing ( something went wrong) always when I want to upload my display

I know somebody who could help you.
It’s our Support team. Contact it via this link:

Our Support team will help you to find out, what is causing this issue.

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If I send a question to someone, how do I see when they answer it? And how can I see if the question has been received?

Matilda Svensson

When you click to send the question, it immediately goes to the user you wish to contact.
You will receive notification when the user has answered your question.
Your question can be removed only in case our moderators notice inappropriate content, which violates our Community Guidelines.

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Hey, how can I unlike a survey?

Luca Avallone

When you vote in a photo poll, it is possible for you see who voted for which answer.
If you change your mind because of seeing other votes, that would lead to an unfair result. This is why you are not allowed to remove a like from the photo poll.
But if you have any suggestions to our team in relation with photo polls, share them via this link:

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Y cant i like any question plz reply asap

If you cannot like posts anymore, there are two options:
1.The user has blocked you, so you cannot like his/her posts anymore.
2. You have liked too many posts in a short period of time. Wait a few hours, and you will be able to put likes again.
If this answer didn’t help you, contact us via this link:

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I cant see any queston?

Well, that is very strange. Even if you do not have any questions from other users, you should be able to see the question of the day.

Please contact us via this link:

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If I delete the app will I lose / will the account be deleted as well?

You can remove the app and download it again as many times as you wish. Your account will be safe.

If you want to remove your account, please check this instruction:

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If I change my username , the verified checkmark will disappear ??

Username change is not an option at the moment.

If you wish to create a new account with a new username, your collected likes and followers cannot be transferred and your verification will not be extended to the new account.

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how long does polls last

The polls will be active all the time!
If you wish to remove the poll, click on the X next to your poll, and it will be gone forever.
Just bear in mind that all likes that you got on the poll will be lost, too.

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Why is the ask yourself option available? Isn't that very fake & unnecessary?

Good question!
Have you ever had a situation, when you are just waiting for the right question to share some answer on your feed, but it does not come?
Here is an option to get this question you’ve been looking for and post the answer.

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Tell us what you do to make the world a better place!

Shoot a video where you tell us about the best thing you have ever done, and send it to us to get cool prizes!

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How to share my answers on Discover?

Each user has a unique Discover wall that allows to find trending questions and answers.
Your post will become visible in other users’ Discover feed, when it’s liked and shared by many people.
We have prepared some useful tips in case you want to know how to become an ASKfm celebrity:

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What's the best thing to do if someone is mean too you?

ASKfm does not support bullying and harassment.
Here are some tips what you can do if you experience this on ASKfm:
▶Report inappropriate activity by clicking on three dots next to a question or post you find bullying
▶Block the user who has been mean to you
▶Don’t answer the mean questions, it will only make the bully happier
Learn more how you can improve your safety on ASKfm via this link:

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Hello, how should I delete my photos in google? They're public and everyone can see them ,but I don't want them to see these pictures

Gintaras Švanas

Everything you post on ASKfm is public.
If you wish to remove the picture from Google, first you need to remove it from your ASKfm profile. You can do it by clicking on “X” next to the post you wish to remove.
I hope this helps!
If the problem still persists after you have deleted pictures from ASKfm, contact Google via this link:

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For whatever reason, i can only see a few answers in my feed now. On the app, and on a computer, I've logged out and back in, and nothing fixes it. How can i fix it?

Ok, it seems you will need our help to fix this.
Write us via this link, and we will look for solutions:

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