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Do you verify account who got warnings?

You can contact our team and they will check your profile.
Each case is different and it could happen that after checking your account we notice that it has not repeated these violations and we can verify this profile.
Here is a link to verify your profile:

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+1 answer in: “For a Verified Account, I must put my real name and real photo obligatorily? Even if I'm a public "character"?”

For a Verified Account, I must put my real name and real photo obligatorily? Even if I'm a public "character"?

Yes, we verify only real persons. So you need to put your real photo.
Here are some criteria we check before we give the blue badge on users profile:
·Negative content posted on profile
· Number of followers
· Exchange of likes (now allowed!)
· The profile has to be about you not made for some other purpose (posting movie quotes, life advice, funny memes, etc.).
· Activity

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How to see the follower?

ASKfm does not reveal followers - only the number followers.
Just imagine - if we reveal followers to our users, then chances are, you'll discover who your anonymous fans are.
But we want to allow others to follow you anonymously so that their interactions with you also remain anonymous.

View more what is this new thingy? is our another official account for ASKfm 2.0.
ASKfm 2.0 will be a next step of main ASKfm product development. It will connect users with the kind of people that will help solve their dilemmas, no matter how simple or serious they might be.
What’s more, we are developing an educational aspect to the platform that will enhance our users’ experience with a series of incentivized challenges that will include tutoring, online courses, and other informational activities.
We’ll be making additional announcements about how the development is going and what we are going to build in all our current social media accounts.

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I wanna add my another gmail id but it says that id is already registered and i have my instagram and facebook id's on that id but it won't open

Hi, please try to login with your Gmail account (yes, you will need to guess password..)
If you are able to login in some of your old accounts, just disconnect this old account from your Gmail.
If you are not able to guess the password anymore, contact our Support team via this link and they will help you:

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How can i delete my account completely

Are you sure you want to leave ASKfm?
Maybe you should consider deactivation first - in this way your profile will not be visible anymore, but all the content will remain if you decide to return. Go to your Settings to Deactivate account.
If you have decided that you want to remove all your profile's content, please follow this link:

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Since it's my first time here, how to use it? 😂

Hi, nice to meet you!
Check the Discover feed and you will find new people to follow.
And then ask them questions about anything you are interested in. To find even more new people try Shoutout question - your question will be sent to different people nearby you do not know yet!
Do not forget to answer the questions you receive. You give, you get. ❤

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