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If I see "account disabled" does it mean it's only deactivated or it can also indicate that account is permanently deleted?

"Account disabled" means that it has been deactivated.
BUT if you start the accounts removal process, for the first 30 days it will appear as disabled. In this way user still has a chance to return to his profile if he changes his mind.

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how can i change language from english to arabic

When you open on web browser, check the right side. You will find option to change language. Click on the language change button and you will see all 49 languages available on ASKfm.
P.S. It is not possible to change language to Arabic on your ASKfm app if you use Android device.

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Check your facts!

And not only on Safer Internet Day ⬇
Falsehoods spread quickly! Once you say something on the internet, it can be impossible to take it back. That is why you should avoid gossip and keep it from spreading. Remember too that your friends might not want you to share personal photographs online. Always ask them first!

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Create, connect and share respect

Reminder #2 on Safer Internet Day ⬇
Sitting at home by your computer, you might easily forget that you are in a public sphere when you are online. Of course, you would never share your passwords online, so be careful about giving others your location, personal photos or telephone number.

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