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I have a friend who is trying to kill her self

If your friend is going through a hard time, it is important to help and think about seeking help from a professional who can provide with the support she needs.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask a tough question.
When somebody you know is upset and feeling hopeless, be direct and honest. Ask her upfront, “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” Encourage her to tell you the truth, and let her know that you will be there for her no matter what.

2. Stay connected and available.
Research shows that when you’re available to a friend in crisis, it can reduce the risk of suicide. Say to your friend, “I’m here for you, right now and any other time you may need me.” Be present with her and stay connected. Don’t forget to tell her that you will follow-up in a day or two, and do it. If you reassure her that she isn’t a burden to you, she will be more likely to reach out to you again if she’s still feeling distressed.

3. Get help as soon as possible.
There are resources such as the International Association for Suicide Prevention that you can call, text or chat – 24/7/365. To find your nation suicide prevention life search for it via You can also always reach out to counselors, therapists or teachers.

4. Know that getting help works!
Most people in crisis find help and get through it. They go on to experience life in ways that their despairing mind could never have imagined. By being a friend and following these tips, you can help make this happen.

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Post The Best Quote You Have Ever Seen ?? 💕💕

❤ Hakuna Matata ❤

Please please please help me😩😭😭😭 I need you to help me 😩😭 how can i know who's asked me in anonymous He is insulting me i want to know who's it please please help me😭😭😭:((💔💔

Please report it to us immediately by clicking on the three dots next to the question.

You will have a chance to report ✍️ the question or block the user to stop any further questions from this person.

Our team of moderators will check your report and will remove the post, if it violates our Community Guidelines 💪

For privacy and safety reasons, we cannot disclose anonymous account information without proper legal process🕴️

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I can't find Arabic in the list of supported languages of the mobile application. Please help because I need the arabic interface

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, unfortunately Arabic language is not available for Android phones at the moment.

Like the post if you are also looking forward to having Arabic language in your Android phone!

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I can't delete profile picture from the app on android i xlicked on the 3 dots and there is no deleting choice only saving image choice

Tareq Conor

Hi! If you want to remove your profile picture 👤, first you need to add a new one.

Tap on your photo and choose an option to add a picture from your gallery or take a new one with camera 📸

When it is done, tap on the 3 dots and delete your old profile picture.

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I cannot upload pictures here. Everytime I try it refreshes. What can I do now?

Thanks for asking.

We do not have enough information to understand what is the cause of the issue.

Please contact us via this link:

Our support team will ask you some questions about the device you are using to find a solution to your issue!

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Hi. Why can't i add more photo polls?

Does the problem still persist?

Pleae contact our Support team via this link:

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how to off anon please help me

Check your settings. You will see an option to disable anonymous questions. Just like shown in the picture.

I hope this helps!

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Sorry, a warning came to me that you said that if you do not respect the terms of privacy you will close the account, but it does not seem to me that I did something wrong.

Check out our Community Guidelines, and you will find the reason why we have sent you this notification: 💡

If you follow these guidelines in future, your profile will be safe!

If you still do not find the cause of these notifications, write to our Support team - we will check your profile once more. Here is the link for contacting us:

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What is the most overplayed song of all time?

So... what did the fox say?

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Is there a way to report someone on for art theft or reposting of someone's art without the artist's permission?

ASKfm is committed to protecting intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same.
Please check our Terms of use via this link:
In section 6 it is explained how to report intellectual property violations.

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Why do you have to verify if we are humans all the time????

Sia Ghai

We need to make sure you are not a bot!

The verification procedure should not happen every time. You can write us via this link to solve the issue.

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Having problem with connecting to social media. How can I connect to Twitter?

First, we need to know what kind of error message you receive, when it stops you from connecting your Twitter profile to ASKfm account. Please send us this info via this link:

In most cases, your Twitter account is already connected with another ASKfm account. Just follow these steps to disconnect it from your old account:
1. Log in your old ASKfm account with Twitter (you do not need username or password to do this)
2. Disconnect this profile from Twitter.
3. Log in the ASKfm account you are using at the moment.
4. Connect your ASKfm account with Twitter.

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Why I can't follow people anymore?

It looks like you have reached the maximum amount of people you are allowed to follow.

Please check the list of your friends, as some of the accounts might be deactivated or suspended.By removing the subscription from these profiles, you will be able to start following new users!

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Can you get unbanned

It seems our moderators have noticed in your profile something that violated our Community Guidelines. More than likely, you'll find the reason why your account has been banned here:

If you really think this is a mistake, contact us via this link:

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how to view blocked users??

You can see all users you have blocked.

Go to Settings and view the list of blocked users.

If you want to unblock a user, just click on the name “unblock”, and this user will be able to ask you questions and like your posts again.

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How do we ask questions to all friends, not only 1?

You can choose more than one person for asking the same question!

In web just write the question, and you will have an option to choose between all users you are following.

If you use app, just click on the owlcat icon at the bottom center.

The max number of users to ask the same question in one try is 50.

BTW, you can also create photo polls and ask the same question to all your followers!

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Hi how are you I have a person on When i try send to him a question , a red wide line appears to me with " communication error 42 " text in the red line . What does that mean ?

Muayad Demaidi

Uh oh, let us help you fix the issue.

Write us here via this link:

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How do I send an email to

If you want to contact ASKfm, write our helpful Support team via this link:

They will definitely find a way to help you!

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How i can see my followers

Actually, you can’t. This gives a chance to remain anonymous to people whom you are following. ;)

But you can still learn how popular your account is by checking the number of your followers!

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Please help!!

Sure, we are here to help you!

Write to our Support team ASAP to get help you are looking for:

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How do you use social media?

ASKfm Help

Take part in this fun survey !

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How can I get verified without having a verified twitter or any verified social media? Is there any way? Hopefully there is.

You do not need to be verified on Facebook or Twitter to get the blue badge.

Here is the checklist for your account before you apply for verification:
✅ active
✅it’s your personal account, not a fan page

Does your account match these criteria? If yes, do not hesitate and write to our Support team:

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How to get the verified badge?

Write to us via this link

Choose category “Account verification” and make sure you write the correct email.
We always answer in 24 hours ;)

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How are you feeling right now?

Full of the joys of spring!

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