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I forget my password, what can I do?

It happens, but you can easily get back into your account.

If you remember your email, just click on “Forget password” link when you try to login. You will receive an instruction on how to reset your password in the email.

If you do not remember your email, write to our Support Team via this link: They will verify that you are the true owner of the account and will give you a new password.

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Someone has posted a picture of me in photo poll. What should I do?

Posting a picture without your consent is not OK.
The goal of photo polls is to have fun for all.

To remove the photo poll you consider offensive, please contact our Support team here: .

Don’t forget to add a direct link to the poll you want to report.
You can report the photo poll also by clicking on the three dots next to it and submitting a report to ASKfm moderation team.

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can a person reactivate their disabled account?

Of course you can, and here is how!

Deactivated account is a simple method, how to hide your profile from other people’s eyes. To reactivate your old account, just log in, and it will work again as usual.

BUT! If you have deleted your profile beforehand, you will not be able to access it again, because all posts have been removed.

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Give us your Instagram?

Join our 77.9k followers.
Follow us on as well and charge up with positive vibes.

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Would you like some premium features on ASK?

How to get a verified badge easily?

Easily? This is a precious badge that does not come easily.

Only active and popular users who respect our Community Guidelines can receive it.

So the easiest way to get the blue badge is to post interesting content, be friendly and respect our inner rules. By following this suggestion your account will soon be big enough to become verified!

Verification criteria can be found here:

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My answers are being deleted. I don't want this. Why is this happening?

We remove answers, which violate ASKfm rules.
Are you sure that your posts did not violate our Community Guidelines

If that’s not the case, please contact us so that we can find what is causing the removal of your posts:

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How to send gifts?

Though some users still have gifts on their profiles, the option to send gifts is not available anymore.
But we are always looking for new ways to improve ASKfm, so new features have been introduced.
There is always an option to cheer up your friend with a question and like ❤

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How can I suggest you a Question of the day?

We have a special ASKfm account dedicated only for Questions of the Day: @UserDQ
You can send your suggestions to it. And who knows - maybe soon you will see your question asked to the whole ASKfm community! 😉

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likes for likes

Hunzala CH

Not cool.
In ASKfm community such spam posting or collecting likes is considered rude.

Btw, did you know that exchange of likes is not allowed for verified users?

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how to get more followers on ask? any ideas, tips, clues?

Act like a user you would like to follow.
Use visuals – videos, photos, emojis, gifs.
Post original content.
Be visible outside your profile – ask questions, like other users’ answers and share your content on social networks.
These first steps should help you reach a larger number of followers.

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anon will always be anon right? its not like some day anon questions will show who really asked right?

We take anonymity very seriously. Anonymous questions are and will always remain anonymous, and there's no secret plan or target date for revealing anonymous askers. Do not listen to gossip.

The only reason we would give out this info is, when law enforcement is involved. So if you didn't do anything bad, you don’t have to worry about anything!

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how to recover banned profile?

If you have been banned, it means we have banned your account permanently. We are very serious about abusive behavior on ASKfm.

🙋If you wish to continue being part of ASKfm and follow our rules, you can create a new account. Before you do so, read ASKfm Community Guidelines or else your new account will be banned, too:

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If someone blocked me .. can i send them questions? ... i have a freind whoes profile is still visible and i am able to send questions but cant like his answers

If someone has blocked you, you will not be able to send questions to this person and like his/her answers anymore.
But you can still read this person’s answers and follow him/her, because all profiles are public.
If you think your friend has blocked you by mistake, ask him/her to unblock your profile.

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Der AskFM-Support, I have a Facebook Page with a grey verified badge because of my local business ... is it possible for me to get verified on ASKFM as well?

Good idea! You can get ASKfm verified status, however, there are some criteria to be met💡:

Please note that we verify only personal accounts. If your account is made for business purposes📚, unfortunately, it cannot receive verification on ASKfm.

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How to change question language from ask fm?

We have 49 languages in ASKfm – just choose yours wherever you are on this map!

Change the language like showed here in this manual:

If the question language does not change to the one you have chosen, write us and we will help you:

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What's your snapchat?

Username: askfm_team
Or scan the picture!

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Someone is sending me and my friends lots of hate and negative things about me. Can I know who's behind all those questions?

ASAP click on the three dots at the lower right corner of the question to report it and to block the user, when you get any inappropriate question.

Our moderators will check the report and remove it.
For privacy and safety reasons, we cannot disclose anonymous account information without proper legal process.

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Playing my part in making the internet a better place for all of us.

#SID2017 #SaferInternetDay

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When I am thinking about a password that includes eight characters including one uppercase letter, one special character and alphanumeric characters.

#SID2017 #SaferInternetDay

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When I have just posted a picture and some stranger asks for more.

#SID2017 #SaferInternetDay

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When i favourite someone's account will he get a notification or something?

Just like nobody can see who are their followers, the same is with Favorites – nobody has any idea who has put them in their Favorite list.
Create your own personalized Favorite account list by clicking on the star next to user’s profile and always be up to date on what they’re doing!

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Why ask has deleted my answer randomly?

There is always purpose behind each moderator action.

❌ If your post was removed, it seems it contained something inappropriate - like image, links or content that is not allowed in ASKfm community.

Please check our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use to learn what is allowed in ASKfm.

🔗Community Guidelines:
🔗Terms of Use:

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Is this the official help page?

Did you notice the blue badge next to @askfmhelp profile?

It means that this account is verified and real!

If you have any questions, you can write them here or via this link:

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If someone who was following me has blocked me now, will they be able to view my profile and like my answers?

Your blocked person will not be able to:
💛like your answers
❓ ask you questions
But this person will still see your profile!
Remember that your profile is public and visible to anyone, including people who are not registered in ASKfm.

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