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Can i delete all answers at once?

It seems you have many posts you would like to hide from others.

It is not possible to remove all answers at once. But what you can do it is to click on X next to each question you wish to remove and it will be GONE forever.

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Can I ask you please ? Last time came to me more warning say me " repeatedly violate our terms of service " but I don't know what's the error in my account ? my Publications not bad and my style cute with everyone here can I know please ?


We wanted to inform you that your account might get permanently banned due to violating ASKfm's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Please keep in mind that ASKfm prohibits encouragement of hateful and rude questions to other users and to yourself.

If you have read our Community Guidelines but still do not find the cause for the warning, please contact our Support team who will check your account once more. You can contact the team via this link:

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What is the 'pacman' button on the right upper corner for?

Estefanía Del Angel Ponce

This is not a Pacman. This is our new Shoutout feature!

Click on this symbol and write your question. Your question will be sent to random users nearby.

When it is done, wait for answers! It is a good way to learn about people who use ASKfm in your region. 🔥

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i forgat my password and i write my email correct but i didn't receive any emails until now

It seems your account is connected with another email.

Contact our Support team via this link: They will verify that you are the true owner of this account and they will help to get back into it.

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Can you verify the accounts?

To get verification you need to contact our Support team via this link:

There is a special team who works with verification requests like yours!

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if i dont give answers for few days will the blue badge remove?

When we verify an account, it IS very important that you are an active and popular user who posts regularly.

We will not immediately take away your badge if you have not posted for a while. But it does not mean that the badge is forever. We will remove it if you start to violate our guidelines.

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Hi. I asked a question to someone and she answered. Can I delete that question ?

Now only the user who answered your question can remove it.

But if you think that this user somehow violated our Community Guidelines with the answer she gave, you can report the question and our moderator team will check this post. If needed, they will remove the content.

Check our Community Guidelines via this link:

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what is the new shoutout thing on ask fm?

ASKfm has a new feature Shoutout! It allows you to ask questions ASKfm users nearby.

How to use it? Before asking a question, choose Shoutout feature. It is next to features to ask a question or make a Photo Poll. You can use it both on app and web.

Type in your question and it will be sent to people in your region, even for those who you do not follow. When the users will receive the question and answers it, you will get a notification.

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how do i change my mood?

If you are using web version : go to the settings -> Change my mood.
If you are using ASKfm App: go to your profile -> tap on the profile picture - Set my mood and voila!

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Have you ever started a profitable business?

So how come we can't see the person we blocked, on our block list, if they kept harassing us through anon?

You can always block the anonymous user by clicking three dots next to the unpleasant question. After this, this use won’t be able to ask you questions anymore. But ASKfm will never open the anonymous name due to privacy and safety reasons.

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Hello. I downloaded the application and i got a problem.. there are many answers what i can't see but i see many questions for what i already answered 6 months ago.

Hm, we will need to get some more information about this issue. At the moment it is hard to understand what is causing this issue.

Can you write us via this link?

We will need screenshots and your username to understand it.

Thanks a lot!

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Hey there? my background ain't showing up nor giving editing options. how to set this thing?

Shahzeb Hassan

Check your Settings. You should see what is on the screenshot.

If you do not see it in your Settings and you are not able to upload any cover photo, contact asap our Support team:

Remember your cover photo should not be larger than 3MB.

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I've. sent. you. an. email.


Good. we. will. Answer.

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How to change ask username?

Unfortunately, it is technically impossible at the moment! But, hey, we are working on it!

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How can you cheak who is following you?

Following on ASKfm is completely anonymous.
However, you can still learn how popular your account is by checking the number of your followers!

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I'm trying to contact ask support but the words "enquiry type can not be blank " pops up but there is not a box for me to type in. Help please

Did you click on "Enquiry type" box? You need to choose the reason why you have contacted us.

For example, if you have forgotten your password, choose "Can't login". If you want to verify your account, choose "Account verification".

I hope this helps!

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i sent a support request its been more than 24 hrs and i havent gotten an ans


Did you receive your ticket number?

Please send us the ticket number (in new question) and we will check what is causing this issue.

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How to send a support ticket?

If you wish to contact our Support team, you can write us a message here:

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What are we supposed to do now?

♚ Abdullah

In every confusing situation - eat!

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Can you help me to verify on instagram? My askfm account verified

If you wish to verify your Instagram account, I guess it would be better for you to contact the Instagram support team and not us. 😉

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I've accidentally pressed log off by mistake, and now I can't log back with my original account, I forgot my password and email but I know what my username is.. is there any way I can recover that account?

Of course, there is. :)

While you remember your username, you can get back into your account. What you need to do?

Contact our Support team who will verify that you are the true owner of the account and they will send you restoration link to get back on ASKfm.

Here is the link to contact our Support team:

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my friends can't ask me anonymous questions, I already checked my settings for this, they aren't blocked either. 😐


Are you 100% sure that the option to ask you anon questions is turned on? Your settings should look like in this picture.

If the issue still persists, contact our Support team via this link:

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You told me that I have a ticket number what's a ticket number means?


Every day our Support team receives hundreds of letters. This is the reason why each person, who contacts us, receives a ticket number.

You do not need to use the ticket number at the moment.

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i found out that someone posted my photo as answer. what can i do to delete that answer?

Posting picture without your consent is really not ok.

If your picture has been used, you have all rights to ask to remove it.

The best and quickest solution is to contact our Support team and we will remove this picture asap. To contact us, please tap on this link:

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