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Why I can't edit the information in "About myself" until I change my email address? I don't have that many emails!

Hi, you do not need to change email every time you want to change something in "About myself" section.
If you notice any notification saying that you need to change email, contact our Support team via and they will check the issue you experience.

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How do I receive notifications? When i try to open the notification from the settings on my iPhone askfm app doesn't appear

Hi, we need to get some additional details to understand what is the issue you experience.
Please contact our Support team via this mail:
Tell your device model, app version, username and screenshot of this issue.
Waiting to hear from you again soon!
P.S. Please make sure that you use the latest app version.

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how do you protect us from harmful links and hackers?

Your safety is our priority. We understand we have a responsibility to the hundreds of millions of people who use our service every month.
This is why we have developed tools so ASKfm users of all ages can take control of their experience, and make it not only safe, but fun, positive and fulfilling too. This include not only 24/7 moderation of posted content from our side, but also you to have a chance to easily report any content you find inappropriate.
Check out our Safety Center to get useful tips on online safety:

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How can I recover an account after it has been stolen?

⇏ ๒คt๓คภ☁️
First thing - click to Login and then choose "Forgot password". It will send you a link to your email to change your password. In this way you will have a chance to get a new password and get back into your account.
If the hacker has managed to change the email that is connected with your account, contact our Support team to verify that you are the real owner of this account. They will give it back to you!
Here is a link to contact the Support team:

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How to get likes?

You just gave a really cool, verging on epic, answer, but you haven’t received any Likes. What’s up with that?

Get your awesome answer out there! You can easily share your answers with your friends on other social networks in case they missed it on ASKfm.

Do not forget to send some Shoutouts and like other user posts. In this way you will get new followers to give you some likes.

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