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help me deactivate my account, please.

Here is the link to read more how to remove your profile:
If you don’t manage it yourself you can always contact our support team and we will help you http://bit.ly/ASKfmHelp

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hello, how can i stop getting shoutouts? i know i can deactivate seeing them in the questions but i don't want to get shoutouts at all!!!!!!

Sorry, but it is not possible to remove shoutouts.
Remember you can always report shoutouts that you find inappropriate or block user.
We appreciate your feedback!

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What is special in VIP ?

t’s our unique way to appreciate our active and loyal users who answer and ask questions daily. VIP users get weekly coin bonuses, additional coins for question and answers, they also get promotion in ASKfm to bring more attention and popularity to their accounts. And other special benefits like unique giveaways and an opportunity to be the first to test new features
What is special in VIP
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how to become a vip user?

There are a couple of things you should do to become a VIP user:
1. You should be ready to ask and answer daily.
2. You should contact ASKfm by filling out the form and applying for a VIP user's status.
Please find all information on VIP badges via this link:
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I have pictures from 1 2 years ago on google images search i want to delete them but why ?

We realize that the content your deleted may be still appearing on third-party search services like Google or Bing. While we have no control over third-party search services, if you have removed the content from your askfm profile, we can confirm that the relevant content has been deleted from our system and there are no further actions ASKfm can take. Sometimes it may take a few days for search engines to clear their cache (history). Once they do that, the content you see now will no longer appear.
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how to earn?

By receiving rewards for answers. The more creative, funny, interesting content you make, the more chances to get rewarded!
By watching video ads. Availability may vary.
By buying coins. You can explore offers in EARN page in your wallet. Currently available on mobile apps.
By option “Invite friends”. Availability may vary.
You will find these options on your profile by clicking on the number of your coins. In EARN page you will see all the options and coins you can earn for each action.
how to earn

So anon questions are definitely not from ask fm? Even though the questions are exactly the same as the “random questions” you have for us?

We do not send anon questions, but there are people who might copy these texts and send them as anon.
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i want to change my askfm username plz help me.

Sorry, it's not possible for users to change a registered username. In order to create a different username, you need to create a new profile. Please be aware that you won't be able to transfer any information from another account to your new account.
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