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I can’t see the anonymous questions which people doing me, I just receive the notifications about them but they don’t appear at all. Help me please☺️

Iryna Humenyuk
Please contact our Support team, ok?
Open this link and write all details about your device, your profile + when this issue started. It will help us to understand what is causing this issue.

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Consider adding an "Asker-only answer" option. The ability to answer a question privately, and only the one who asked would be able to see it.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Baraa Modallal
There are some answers that only one person needs to hear..
Anyone else thinks this is a cool idea?

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Why can't I make another account on Help please. Thank you very much.

If you are using email, Facebook, VK, Instagram or Twitter account that is already connected with another ASKfm account, you are not able to use it twice also for your new account.
Here is what you need to do to create a new account - go to your old account and disconnect it from social networks or email that you wish to use in the new account.
I hope this helps. If you still need any advice, just contact our Support team directly via this link:

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Some of the features of ASKfm in my mobile app doesn't available and can't be seen. I just downloaded it recently. But I am a user of ASKfm for so long. I noticed that the version in mini browsers of ASKfm, has discover button, poll-shoutout options, and emoji status. That doesn't exist in APP

Mark Matior
Hi, can you write to our Support team and send a screenshot of your app? Please also add information about the ASKfm app version you are using.
It seems that you are just using very old app version.
Click on this link to contact our Support team:

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That premium emojis are so cool!

Thank you!
We are very happy you like them!

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You are so beautiful. I swear 😭😭

i want to verify my account please.

NADA ♔'. ZS ❤
Verification tick is hard to get! 😎 But everything is possible! 😇
Please check the verification criteria here:
If you find yourself eligible, do not hesitate and send your verification request to us here:

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Can you get the new moods on a computer?

At the moment, our premium moods are only available on mobile devices.

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The questions and answers do not appear to me after the new update

Oh oh! We are sorry to hear about that!
Did you try to re-install the ASKfm app?
If the problem still occurs, please contact our support team here:

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my profile shows a battery sign is it new feature ?

You got it right! It is one of our new premium moods!
They are so cool, aren't they? ^_^
Press like if you agree!

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No, it is not!
Only our support team can verify accounts on ASKfm! Do not send or share any personal information, account screenshots, etc. with the accounts like that.
This could be used to hack your profile.

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Does shoutout questions include my followers or only users nearby?

Shoutout questions go to completely random people around you. 🙈

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How can I get a premium mood?

You may have noticed new moods next to our emojis.
Yes, they are moving! To get them you just need to watch an ad till the end. When it’s done, you will be able to get the premium mood on your profile. With the brand-new set of moods, you will be able to express the way you feel much better!

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Can i change my username i hate it

Gabriela N.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the username.🙅🏻
But hey, you can always create a new account with the desired username! 💁🏻

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I can't like a specific account's answers, why is it so? Help!

Ii looks like this user has blocked you.
This is why you can not like his answers or ask him questions anymore. 😞

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Why can't we view our followers?

ASKfm does not reveal followers - only the number followers. If we reveal followers to our users, then chances are, you'll discover who your anonymous fans are. We want to allow others to follow you anonymously so their interactions with you also remain anonymous.

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Hey , the new update is cool 😍❤

Farah Al Ali (أم خدود)

Is there a way to delete a shoutout question?

Like words that come out of your mouth, a sent shoutout can't be deleted.
So be responsible for what you are asking!

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What does your heart tell you?

Follow your dream! 💕

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When I follow someone, does he get notified for this?

Following somebody is completely anonymous and this user will not receive any notification of this action.
He can only see the number of the followers growing on his profile.

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I am unable to like answers. When will i able to do so?

Mû|-|ãmmàď Ďăņîýåľ
It sounds like you were pretty excited in the past few hours and ended up liking a bunch of answers! While we love your enthusiasm, users are only allowed to like a certain number of answers in a short period of time to prevent anybody from abusing this function. Please wait a few moments and you should be able to like answers again.

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Can I send a shout out to a specific person?

You do not need to Shoutout to ask a question to a specific person. Just go to his ASKfm account and ask the question.

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Hi, you know ... I do not know how to verify my account can you help me or wear the badge already? I am a good person, if you want I can give you some likes please I want to verify my account, I have been trying this for a long time and nothing. In case you're wondering how many followers I have ..

˗ˏˋJosue Oquendoˎˊ˗
Your profile appears to be very popular.
Come and write to our Support team who will review your account and if you match our criteria, we will give you the blue badge.
Open this link to contact our Support team:

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When you click the lightining button where random questions appear, what does the small button on the right top corner do? It represents a Pac-Man and you can turn it off and on?

This is Shoutout feature!

It allows you to ask questions to users nearby. If you turn it on in your inbox, you will be able to see Shoutouts also from other users that have been sent to you.

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