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this is my previous account .. i was login with my Facebook account but in one day it wasn't responding and failed login with it ?! how i can open it again?!

Mohs Sen Ham Mdy
As we said, Please send your request to our support team via and we will do our best to restore your account!

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Why aren't the questions I'm asking showing up?

There can be some possible answers to your situation.
Maybe, because users haven't yet answered your questions or they seemed to be awkward.
The second version is that you asked some content that violates our guidelines and were removed.
And the third version (let's hope this is not the case!) that other users might have blocked you.

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I can't ask questions to my friend, why ?

Hi there, don't worry!
There can be that your friend may have accidentally put you on the block list, so in this case just ask him/her to check it in the settings.
If that’s not the case, the possible reason may be a temporary delay in our system. Please try asking your friend a question again in a few minutes.
If the issue continues and you still can't ask a question to your friend, please contact us again and include a screenshot of this issue so that we could investigate further.

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I found some weird info about me guys on your site and it is completely ridiculous and not truth! how this can be removed??

Is this content posted on other user's profile?
In this case sure, we can help you to get rid of this! You just need to send us the request mentioning your username and short description of your problem to our support supermen by this link:
If it’s located on your own page, just click on x next to the post so it is removed!

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Is there a way to get more likes?

Get your awesome answer out there! You can easily share your answers with your friends on other social networks in case they missed it on ASKfm.
Have you tried giving other people some Likes on their great answers? Our users love to spread the love, and most will return the favor if you give them a few Likes. Try it!
Pro tip: Answers that contain pictures are super popular! Try incorporating photos into your answers when you can, like a group selfie or a funny cat meme you found, and sit back and watch those Likes pile up :D

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How does this work?

Let us introduce ourselves!
We are social platform, where you can ask and answer different question!
We believe questions and answers are the building blocks of conversation, self-expression and deeper understanding. The answers can be either in text or video format, and users can also browse other people’s profiles with the option of submitting questions directly to them.
The service is very easy to use —you can ask question to one specific person or many at once as well as answer every question that comes to you!
If you think you don’t have enough questions, click on “get random question” button to get more!

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Someone asked me a question and after I answered it got deleted without me doing anything! I don't think it violated any of your terms tho there were no offensive words in the Q or the Ans. Why is that?

Hi, thanks for question!
Your answer might be deleted due to violating ASKfm's Community Guidelines. As well, as the question itself might be considered abusive.
If you see bad content in questions, you should report it without answering.
And if you wish to get more details, please write us here

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I also think you do NOTHING about bullying on here. I've been harassed to the point that I now have to create a new account and shut down my main account that I've had for 2 years. I've reported the person multiple times and you barely did anything

We strongly agree that there is no place for bullying on ASKfm. This is why we have created Terms of Use for ASKfm which you are invited to read via this link:
We have explained in our Terms of use (section 4C) which content is not allowed to be posted on ASKfm. Thank you for reporting the user accounts who have violated our guidelines. Your reports help our moderators to find and remove this content. But we also please you to understand that not all content posted on ASKfm that another user find inappropriate is violating our guidelines and this is why some of your reported content has not been removed from ASKfm.

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+1 answer in: “Why aren’t you removing people who are constantly tagging others in hate or bullying posts. The block feature does nothing when they can tag you and sent hate about you to everyone else and you guys simply allow it”

I posted a photo while ago and I removed it after. But I still can see it on Google, why?! Please, remove it!

Thanks for asking!
We realize that the content your deleted may be still appearing on third-party search services like Google or Bing. While we have no control over third-party search services, we confirm that the relevant content has been deleted from our system and there are no further actions ASKfm can take. Sometimes it may take a few days for search engines to clear their cache (history). Once they do that, the content you see now will no longer appear.

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Why aren’t you removing people who are constantly tagging others in hate or bullying posts. The block feature does nothing when they can tag you and sent hate about you to everyone else and you guys simply allow it

Kaiden McKenzie
Thanks for your feedback.
ASKfm does not support bullying. Please report all posts that contain violations so our moderators can check each post and remove it.

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I had an account on ASK but I forgot my password and the email Create on it.... Can I recover it? Help me

Of course you can recover account even if you do not remember your email.
That is why we have Support team. They will ask for some additional information about your account to verify that you are the real owner, and then they will give you a new password.
Here is the contact link to speak with Support team:

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