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Why is the ask yourself option available? Isn't that very fake & unnecessary?

Good question!
Have you ever had a situation, when you are just waiting for the right question to share some answer on your feed, but it does not come?
Here is an option to get this question you’ve been looking for and post the answer.

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Tell us what you do to make the world a better place!

Shoot a video where you tell us about the best thing you have ever done, and send it to us to get cool prizes!

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How to share my answers on Discover?

Each user has a unique Discover wall that allows to find trending questions and answers.
Your post will become visible in other users’ Discover feed, when it’s liked and shared by many people.
We have prepared some useful tips in case you want to know how to become an ASKfm celebrity:

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What's the best thing to do if someone is mean too you?

ASKfm does not support bullying and harassment.
Here are some tips what you can do if you experience this on ASKfm:
▶Report inappropriate activity by clicking on three dots next to a question or post you find bullying
▶Block the user who has been mean to you
▶Don’t answer the mean questions, it will only make the bully happier
Learn more how you can improve your safety on ASKfm via this link:

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Hello, how should I delete my photos in google? They're public and everyone can see them ,but I don't want them to see these pictures

Gintaras Švanas

Everything you post on ASKfm is public.
If you wish to remove the picture from Google, first you need to remove it from your ASKfm profile. You can do it by clicking on “X” next to the post you wish to remove.
I hope this helps!
If the problem still persists after you have deleted pictures from ASKfm, contact Google via this link:

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For whatever reason, i can only see a few answers in my feed now. On the app, and on a computer, I've logged out and back in, and nothing fixes it. How can i fix it?

Ok, it seems you will need our help to fix this.
Write us via this link, and we will look for solutions:

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I've already asked this, but it wasn't answered ... Where (on the desktop interface) are the hearts/like buttons? It might sound stupid but I can't find them for the life of me.

It should be found in the Bottom left corner right under the answer.

If it's not there as shown on the screenshot below DO send your request to our support team at selecting ‘Technical Problem ’ as an inquiry type.

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So when it's not your survey, you can't see the percentage…?

Everyone who votes can see the results 🙃
Just vote and you will see:
🌀Which answer wins
🌀What percentage of people voted for each answer
🌀Which user voted for what

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How to change anonymity settings when I ask question in app?

When you ask a question, click on the owlcat button on the left side, and it will change to ask openly. This way you can choose, whether you want to ask anonymously or show who you are.

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If I start a poll, who sees it and will everyone see that I made it?

Check the picture - this is how your poll looks like in your followers’ Feed.
Your profile picture is visible next to the poll, so everyone knows who created it.
It’s the same with any other post on ASKfm – your profile is public and everyone can see it.

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Is this yours? @UserDQ


Yes, this is our official page where users can give their suggestions for the Question of the Day.
You can share your suggestions also in Russian: @UserDQru
And in Spanish: @UserDQes

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i was trying to favourite someone's account but i'm not allowed to why is that?

There is a magic button, which is used by users who do not want others to receive notifications about their activities. Most likely your friend has unselected this option, and that’s why you cannot add his/her account as your favourite.

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How to know who vote for what in the survey ?

It’s the same as checking who liked your post – click on the number of votes, and you will know who voted for which panda.

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What do you think about recent updates of ASKfm?

How Do We Know If A Celebrity Is Real Or Fake On Here


It’s easy to spot a fake celebrity, if you notice that this is not a verified account.

Always check for the blue badge like the one on this account.

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What does it takes and what would I have to do to get my account verified?

Andrea Mackenzie

It’s like a formula, in which you need to meet all criteria to become verified:

Active+ Positive + Popular + Authentic+ Unique = Verified

Write us, and we will check if you match these criteria:

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if someone has blocked you when you asked an anonymous question, can you still ask them questions with your regular account? will it show that it was you who asked the anonymous questions?

Both your anon and open questions won’t be sent to the user who has blocked you.

If you were blocked after sending an anon question, your identity is safe – the user won’t learn that you asked the question.

A friendly tip: in most cases people get blocked by friends, if they ask mean questions. Think about it!

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I forget my password, what can I do?

It happens, but you can easily get back into your account.

If you remember your email, just click on “Forget password” link when you try to login. You will receive an instruction on how to reset your password in the email.

If you do not remember your email, write to our Support Team via this link: They will verify that you are the true owner of the account and will give you a new password.

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Someone has posted a picture of me in photo poll. What should I do?

Posting a picture without your consent is not OK.
The goal of photo polls is to have fun for all.

To remove the photo poll you consider offensive, please contact our Support team here: .

Don’t forget to add a direct link to the poll you want to report.
You can report the photo poll also by clicking on the three dots next to it and submitting a report to ASKfm moderation team.

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can a person reactivate their disabled account?

Of course you can, and here is how!

Deactivated account is a simple method, how to hide your profile from other people’s eyes. To reactivate your old account, just log in, and it will work again as usual.

BUT! If you have deleted your profile beforehand, you will not be able to access it again, because all posts have been removed.

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Give us your Instagram?

Join our 77.9k followers.
Follow us on as well and charge up with positive vibes.

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Would you like some premium features on ASK?

How to get a verified badge easily?

Easily? This is a precious badge that does not come easily.

Only active and popular users who respect our Community Guidelines can receive it.

So the easiest way to get the blue badge is to post interesting content, be friendly and respect our inner rules. By following this suggestion your account will soon be big enough to become verified!

Verification criteria can be found here:

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My answers are being deleted. I don't want this. Why is this happening?

We remove answers, which violate ASKfm rules.
Are you sure that your posts did not violate our Community Guidelines

If that’s not the case, please contact us so that we can find what is causing the removal of your posts:

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