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i know you're not responsible for everyone's safety at your shows but if you see someone obviously being crushed or panicking, etc. please say something! even something as simple as "take care of each other" can make a big difference and the show will still be fun for everyone else!

I literally stop the song if I see someone hurt, happened multiple times last tour. Next critique/complaint?

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hi today has been a doozie lmao but anyways thanks for making a lot of us happy and for being a great guy sometimes this fandom is so fuckin extra lol I can't take it I don't get how you deal with this shit all the time

Today I'm not dealing with it, which I'll probably regret tomorrow when I chill but whatever. I'm wildly thankful for those of you that are actually cool and appreciative of the countless hours of work I put into this.

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When are you gonna like tweet an apology.

Fuck. You. Fuck you. I don't owe you or anyone shit. I don't know you and you REALLY don't know me. You don't know about anything I'm dealing or coping with. You know about the art I make, that is our ONLY common thread. I don't even know what this is about but today is not your day, so please eat shit, I'm not sorry. I swear, some of you are so fucking entitled. You are owed nothing.

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