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What do you love the most? Please answer

I love my kids the most, the way they laugh, the way they smile and I love my boyfriend, he's like no one I've ever met before

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Thoughts on those who have crush on you??

I don't know who has a crush on me but it doesn't matter, they aren't my man

Do you even use ya ig ?

No, not unless it's for a select person I take interest in and actually want to see a post or two of theirs

Have you ever been in love with someone who didn’t love you back

Yes a few times, but now I'm in love with someone who loves me more than I love myself

We can talk, I'm sorry I pushed you away

Pretty sure this was a shout out so you might want to find the person this was aimed at and go directly to them with this

Since u arent serious about me and dont want to hit me up and just play games on askfn might as well delete this account and get over u 🙄



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