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i am the vice president which means i do vice and i am president. I am here because i am here but i used to be there when i was there. I know joe because i know joe.


Would you take a chance with someone that promised to never hurt you again Knowing that It could be completly devastating to your mental health if the promise wasn't kept?

They would have to show loyalty and honesty for a long time before we were anything

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to fumble me & think you can spin the block again is crazy af 😂 YOU’RE DONE

Who dis I ain’t fumble no one , everything is done on purpose

How do I win her back? I gave her my everything, passed on a promotion, paid her student loans off, and worshipped the ground she walked on. Now I’m tearing up writing this cuz she left me. Any pointers?

Start by admitting your faults . And don’t attack her with the things she’s done wrong . 10/10 times she will then admit hers and you two will be even . Sometimes all she wants is honesty & taking ownership of your actions


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