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what is your dream career?

x3_bebesota’s Profile PhotoJazMarie ✨
To have my own woodshop and make things. I would love the idea of exploring and finding of variety of suitable wood species, and make furniture out of them.

I really like you and I’m sad we didn’t workout together like really sad and I know you don’t care and probably think I’m lame and that makes it hurt more

Do I know you?

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So if your ex was on fire, what would you use to put them out?

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincess
If a water fire extinguisher was available I would use that (those are the red ones, other fire extinguishers use chemicals that can harm a person). If not available, I would pour or spray water on them. If not readily available, I would smother the flame with a blanket.
Why not add an accelerant or just let her burn? Because I am not a murdering psychopath. The value of life is greater than the value of vengence.

Would you date a bald girl?

BaldGirl86307’s Profile PhotoBald Girl
Absolutely! I am attracted to a woman’s personality, thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, softness, the way they treat strangers, the way they treat children and the way they treat animals.

Do you refrain from drinking energy drinks and if so, why?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I don’t drink so-called energy drinks for several reasons:
1. They really don’t give you “energy“. Most of them have caffeine and sugar, which can stimulate you, but that stimulation is not in the form of “Energy”.
2. They are filled with sugar and caffeine.

why is making someone laugh so rewarding?

I suspect everyone has their own unique reason for wanting to make people laugh, but I like it because, at least for a moment they seem happy. And I was a part of it.

Why are there so many disgusting people on here :(

I did t know there were a lot of disgusting people on here.

Have you traveled internationally? If so, where have you been? 🏝️✈️🌍

I e been to multiple central and South American countries on medical humanitarian missions and as an active duty Air Force medical officer.
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In your opinion, what makes a person “lame”?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Please don’t quote me on this, but I believe the correct response is “bilateral compound proximal femur fractures.” Did I get it right?

Knowing that it’s not very healthy, do you still drink soda and/or have sweets first thing in the morning sometimes?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
And the answer is…drum roll please…………..YES!!! Sometimes I do.


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