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Have you seen the wizard of oz and the Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory?

Yeah I have and they blow the new ones away

I think I’ve made my peace that you weren’t the one for me..~Anonymous

Well anonymous grow a pair and tell the person you like them but you cant be hiding. You can go through life hiding and never knowing what could be, or you can find out and live life!!

how did people communicate in pre internet days? did they use facebook?

The good days is what that was called get on your bike ride to your friends house and talk FACE TO FACE i know its hard to believe but yes we did!! Or call

I feel really lonely right now 💔

As long as you dont look into the mirror and start talking to yourseld we are good

Do you forgive or do you hold grudges?

Just depends on how bad it was, plus god tells us to forgive. But of course thats easy said


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