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Great job boo!

Haha thanks!! Trinity barely beat us by one in two extra innings. Man it was so close

Of course❤️ you are truly one of the best people I have ever met, and I honestly mean that. Any one who has you in their life is lucky to have you.

Wow thanks. I try to be a good person. Who is this btw?

I gotcha. Well I just wanted to say that your an amazing person with a big heart and I hope you have all the amazing friends that you deserve.

Wow that actually means so much to me. Thank you. I've been feeling kinda shitty about everything lately and that really helps.
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Best friends now?

Lauren, Oliver, used to be Albert but idk what's going on there anymore, uh Andrew, Colman, kinda Kamila still. Idk I have a lot of friends, Lauren is probs my best friend but I mean I just have so many amazing people in my life I don't wanna rank them.

Who were your best friends in eighth grade

Uh probably like Kamila, lexi, Rachel, Rafael, idk probs more


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