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Why does everyone keep repeating questions or words, it's a bit boring and weeeird..

sareylizramos8’s Profile Photoßloop
I don’t know sir u tell me 👀🤌🏼

Girls only !! Pads or tampons ?

Pads tampons are good but they feel MAD weird when getting removed especially when there dried

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Have you ever been overprotective of someone?

superjeffyjhacir’s Profile Photosuperjeffyjhacir
No never really cared that much for a person also if I were to do something I’d probably get knocked outttt🥊💀✌🏻

Don’t you hate when ppl talk a different language that you wish you knew what they was saying ?

Ya when I’m getting my nails or eyebrows done 💀 LIKE girll u talking bout me or 🤌🏼

U in love ?

No can’t remember the last time I’ve actually liked/ loved some1 only liked/ thought was cute😐

You have a PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and a Switch, which is your go to game system?

Xbox duh PlayStation overheat and make hella noise they sound like jets 💀

Which is more important to you - eating or sleeping?

Eating, if there was no food then of course sleeping but there’s food so eating yk?

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