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Whos up?. Whats everyone doing?

I don’t get how love works anymore. Im so tired of trying & putting effort into something I may never have again. 😩 I’m tired of being nice to men & them just ghosting me for no reason 😭 why is it so hard for this generation to communicate with each other. I’m so tired of getting my heart broken repeatedly. I show confidence guys don’t want me I don’t show confidence guys don’t want me. I don’t wanna do anything sexual with them yet, they don’t want me. How tf am I supposed to find real genuine men if the fuckboys keep ruining shit 🤨

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You're good looking but your personality is ZERO.

actually my personality is 1000% 🙏🏻 you’re just so quick to judge a person cause you don’t know them. If you sat down & talked to me off anonymous, I’m the most friendliest person you’ve met. Ask any of my friends. I don’t hold grudges, I forgive quite easily (could be good & bad). Yeah maybe I have some attitude bc I don’t take shit from people. I’m not gonna let people walk all over me 😂 but yeah go keep judging people. Also I’m not even hot or beautiful, I’m not the girl in the photos 😅


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