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Color of the day!

bitch! 💥bitch! 💥 oooohhhh all y'all bitches was wrong 🙅❌ talkin' 'bout i fell oooooffffff 😯😉 you ain't even get oooonnn 😌🔛 bitch! 💥 bitch!💥 yooooo' all y'all bitches is precious ♡😗♡ wait, i meant to say jealous😥, all y'all bitches is ✨jealous✨ ☺😖 bitch! 💥 bitch! 💥

i have so much to say but my thoughts are so jumbled up and dead. firstly @ my people especially the one's who've been with me everyday from the end of last year up till now, im talking every day checking up on me, being there for me even though i was off, never questioning me, never making me feel like crap, im looking at you lisa, yeri, lemena, byul, soojin, rosie, olivia, nayeon, cristina, carterr, hadil, holly, madison, sunny, angel ryujin, seungyoun, taehyung taehyung taehyung, you've done nothing but care for me. i dont want to forget any names // even the one's who i see having fun on my timeline, doing nothing but spreading positivity; yeji, hyunjin, seungmin, lee know, ariana, perrie, gigi, nathan // again i don't want to forget any names but i just wanted to thank the majority of you guys and applaud you guys for pulling through. honestly last year was hard for the most of us if not all of us, we all came here with one mindset and left with another, we felt every emotion together but somehow stupid trivial things pulled us apart, our history, our past doesn't define us. where we come from doesn't define where we're going, i know most of ya'll come here hiding your sadness, ignoring your depressed feelings and i don't know when's the last time someone told you that they're proud of you so today i am. i made peace with everything, i know i've been laying low but i lost who i was again, i've been observing through this time and im beyond proud of who all of you guys have turned into. i understand not everyone likes everyone and little petty fights happen all the time, but looking at the bigger picture you all are doing amazing. it's like seeing my family prosper. im so sorry if this is all over the place but it's my first time in ages actually putting devotion into something, i've been shutting everything out these few months, i love ya'll so so much and i'll always always always be there to pick you up when you fall, i got you.

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