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Are you alive?

No I’m ghost spirit hunting I came back from the dead so i guess that makes me alive when I go inside someone else’s and steal there spirits they have a ghost in them hunting around I have souls how about you are you alive or you lost and confused thinking you are because you came back with more than nine lives

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do u believe in love?

……???? All I heard was blah and then blah speak English freak y’all should be scared of me better lock up and turn your lights off Michael
Myers is coming for you

I don’t like you

Never asked you too I’m glad i don’t care because wanna know something funny I never liked you either werido

Should I dump my bf?

That’s up too you if he’s not right for you or doesn’t give enough attention affords then probably

I'm not going to talk to you here anymore, you know how to reach me.

good finally some peace bye now

What color shirt are you wearing ?

Why do you care werido you loooking too copy me or something yeah not telling you that werido bye

Have you ever felt like you were being watched?

Hahaha i really don’t care who watches me they can be a real creepy person and stare away 😂😂😂😂 now stfu werido

I make YouTube videos. Are you jealous ??

Does it look like I care no I don’t they probably dumb has fuck videos that are lame like children like you

I will always be nice to you. Will you always be nice to me ??

Does it look like I care no they probably dumb ones anyways have fun being boring lame


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