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Important question 😺 Have you ever fallen in love at ASKfm?

carrie bakay
They are elsewhere
Your in good hands
Hope you save this world cause you stopped my utter annihilation of it

Whos gonna save the world god

Yall never got the question
Im questioning god calling it out since they arent existing
Now im asking who is our savior

People you may like

Whos gonna save the world god

Yall dickheads run me down
Gonna have to shoot me to stop the wrath

Whos gonna save the world god

Yall are quick with the unfaithfulness
Aight then bro im one with the evil I embrace your bad vibes

Does social media make you in general happier or sadder?

bribri53219’s Profile Photobrattybri
Saddens the soul its for money it cant bring you the longing for a happy ending

We don’t have to talk about the past. I’m ready to just say fuck it and move forward. No matter what, we will always have this feeling towards each other. We can be stuck in the past or just move forward and work on the problems that actually matter and build trust with each other.

Move along
Atleast you stay strong

I love my user name. People judge me for it and don't even know what it means. It couldn't be more perfect 🤗

Its the creativity

Why do people judge you, but want you to feel comfortable opening up to them? I’ll die before I open up to a person like that.

Ask the system


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