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so If you tell someone that the way they say things comes off harsh and offensive and all they do is say "you're perceiving it wrong" or they always reverse it back on you & say what you're doing wrong without taking any accountability what they did or said. Or they make excuses. What do you think?

Are they complimenting or disrespecting?

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Stay at home with the kids or work ? What would you rather do ?

I've been away from my children so I choose stay at home

Ok so swine cop is ur fwb now u got a real problem. Huck u im not gonna stop till u two in jail. He might say I had a pipe an u just got even uglier u like that flaby unkept unprofessional look well he definitely fits that. Even better when he gets out no job

Wtf 😂

Nowadays u gotta be prepared to never talk to someone ever again & move on.

I don't fuck with nobody nothing at all.

Most men are the New bitches because they find them self in there feelings while the female is living life. Who agrees lol

Yes your correct 🤣

Is there a piece of jewelry that you hardly ever take off?

Yes I don't ever take off a necklace that was gifted to me

Would you be offended if someone asks you your sexuality?

No I'm comfortable with my sexuality, so that wouldn't be a problem at all.

Are you single if you’re talking to someone who you see as a potential mate

I want money over sex.

what can someone do to find out if a person is interested in them romantically without explicitly asking?

There are several signs that someone might be romantically interested in you without explicitly asking, including:
They respond quickly, message you often, and initiate contact. They might also use emojis, pay close attention, and mirror you.
They make time for you, look for excuses to spend time with you, and make future plans.
They ask you about yourself, are interested in knowing more about you, and ask about your status. They might also listen actively and seem excited when you talk about certain topics.
Body language
They exhibit positive body language, lean in when they reply, and seem animated when they answer questions. They might also be nervous around you.
They show affection, find excuses to surprise you with gifts, and introduce you to their friends and family

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