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I make YouTube videos. Are you jealous ??

Everyone gotta hustle somehow so why should anyone else be jealous of your hustle? Keep doing you

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You should have stayed with him but you chose me, he was loyal and I must say a gentlemen something you should have appreciated him for, he loved you, I only loved wall0wing in y0ur warmth but you were merciless in leaving him for me so I will have no sympathy for you neither. Better luck next time.

Dang bro that’s cold yet sounds justified at the same time!

I really wish God would just take me out of my misery. I'm already in hell and I don't wanna be here anymore. I'm just a piece of shit

Come on dude that ain’t no way to feel

Do you sometimes look back to the questions you’ve answered on this site and wonder what it possibly makes you look like to someone who happens to come across your page?


How do you feel about people who always have their phone in their hands , and don’t respond to your messages ?

Indifferent it shouldn’t affect me whatsoever how another person is. What it should do is show you what to expect from that individual

anyone else think the little hair trail below guys belly buttons are hot?

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They call it the happy trail for a reason yeah?


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