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How much of your comic(s)es is already planned out?

I outline everything before I start drawing, though sometimes things change as I go. In the case of Ozzie though, even though I have the entire story outlined I write the detailed scripts inbetween the chapters.

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With the new comment system on Station Square, can I assume that how it looks in an html previewer is how it will look in the published comment?

yes, that should be the case

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How did you get into drawing?

At this point I don't really remember NOT drawing, haha. Some of my earliest memories were copying art out of old NES manuals.

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Was she already dead when Nem killed her father?

...that whole situation will be addressed in the comic itself :P

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Does Nem have a mother?

she's dead

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Was Brin trying to power up in the last panel of p64?

no he was just throwing a fit, lol

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Is Buster a common family name in SS?

Nah. Think of them like a house or clan. There's a lot of them but if you heard the surname you'd know who they're related to.

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I just realized, they still need to go back to Nem's place. I'm picturing them like, lugging Graves' unconscious body through the streets. Propping him up in a seat in the train. Lookin like a bunch of weirdos. Sven is just carrying a naked sword around. Dahlia's the only one who still has a shirt.

ahahaha, you'll see how that resolves itself soon, Station Square should be back to updating in July if everything goes according to plan.

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what's a grocko? is it another word for alligator, or an alligator-like creature or what? my first thought was that it was slang, but dahlia doesn't seem like a slang-user and she prob wouldn't be familar w local slang anyway. or would she? how long's she been in the area (if that's not a spoiler)

It's just a type of gator-like dragon. And off the top of my head I'm not sure how long she's been in the area yet, I want to say a month or so.

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Electric Eye/The Hellion or maybe Devil's Child, man anything off that album is so sweet

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I'm not familiar with either band. SORRY. Though Carcass just announced a tour with Crowbar so I guess I'll get to see them soon

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Cannibal Corpse vs Dying Fetus, who's better

I... don't really like either but I guess I like Dying Fetus more...? Even though I've heard way more Cannibal. hmmmm

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when will ozzie and kimmy kiss

their friendship is platonic so probably never

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What kind of buffer do you work with?

It's not consistent... recently I was 3 pages ahead but usually I'm only about 1... it really depends on what's going on the page and what else I'm working on/distracted with.

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(see newest comment on ) can u confirm/deny

I actually made a goof Ozzie twitter just for that joke so in case anyone could actually read it, they'd be able to go to her page and discover it's real. Unfortunately it became illegible when I sized the page down. Orz.

Here's the link though if you want to read the tweets, haha:

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(2/2) trying to get some good shots from their perspective that would convey that feeling of vertigo.

Hah, that's awesome! I don't think anyone's ever had a dream about my characters before :D

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Does Monster Country end with issue 4? And will it ever be available online? Maybe as ebooks?

Nah, it'll end with issue 6. I've been working on touching up and coloring the old issues for re-release, they'll be available as PDF's soon.

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Has Ozzie ever used her wing-hands for SICK HIGH FIVES?

of course!!!!!!!

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In the Ozzie Patreon cover image, Austin and Matt look like they've realized they're the odd pair out. I mean, there's Oz+Kim (best friends), Nora+Shari (gfs), and then there's those two, who... have met? Anyway I just find it funny.

luckily, in this chapter the whole gang will sort of unite and everyone will start to get to know each other :D

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Yo I just binge read Station Square. Lovin' it! My questions are: How old is everyone? And why does Lupine Fist get such a big rep? Maybe I missed something, but ki punches seem pretty basic compared to everything else. Also Dahlia's my fav \o/

+Brin & Dahlia are 17, Sven is 16, Nem is 18, Arlen is 15. Looking back, it's kind of weird that they're all so young but that's because I was young when I first started drawing them haha.

+With the Lupine Fist, it's more about Brin's ability to compress large amounts of chi into a single point that's unique. Something I'll get into later on in the story.

Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to continue SS soon!

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is Ozzie thousands of years old?

she's 21

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You played Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety?

Maybe...? I know I played Maximum Carnage at least

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So is Bloodborne harder than Dark Souls?

its just different I guess, most of the difficulty in these kind of games comes from the unknown, so most of my early deaths and stuff were just from getting used to how the new combat works and fighting without any sort of shield. but after a while you get used to it and start cruisin through the levels like the other games.

BUT I WILL SAY the bosses ive seen so far are all far more aggressive than in DS. basically everything in this game is faster + more aggressive, so you have to be fast and aggressive too!

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how did you get into reading comics?

When I was really young I'd read newspaper comics like obsessively. Then I was reading Marvel stuff, then the Archie Sonic comics, then the manga boom happened and I was reading all kinds of stuff.

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What do you use to make your comics

I do everything digitally these days, a combination of sai & photoshop

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