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How tangible are Sven's phantom clones? I'm imagining them walking on a gravelly surface and the real one is given away by the "crunch crunch" of his footsteps. Or he's wearing some swishy track pants and all the clones are silent while he's going "swish swish swish"

They're a purely visual illusion so those would definitely be ways of telling them apart!

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I just realized, they still need to go back to Nem's place. I'm picturing them like, lugging Graves' unconscious body through the streets. Propping him up in a seat in the train. Lookin like a bunch of weirdos. Sven is just carrying a naked sword around. Dahlia's the only one who still has a shirt.

ahahaha, you'll see how that resolves itself soon, Station Square should be back to updating in July if everything goes according to plan.

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what's a grocko? is it another word for alligator, or an alligator-like creature or what? my first thought was that it was slang, but dahlia doesn't seem like a slang-user and she prob wouldn't be familar w local slang anyway. or would she? how long's she been in the area (if that's not a spoiler)

It's just a type of gator-like dragon. And off the top of my head I'm not sure how long she's been in the area yet, I want to say a month or so.

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(see newest comment on ) can u confirm/deny

I actually made a goof Ozzie twitter just for that joke so in case anyone could actually read it, they'd be able to go to her page and discover it's real. Unfortunately it became illegible when I sized the page down. Orz.
Here's the link though if you want to read the tweets, haha:

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