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I'm here right now do you have anything you want to say to me

if it's really you I do , give me a sign

Not in a bad way but have you ever tried therapy?? You seem psychotic from what you been in your past

mentally ill recognize mentally ill 💪🏻

If you missed me you would’ve told me that yourself I’m tired of your mixed feelings always indecisiveness

so you can tell me to not talk to you and I'll look like a fool 🤡 ???

Would you consider yourself a private person ? Do you use social media ?

I am private and I do use social media

Bruh is it ever that serious that ppl out here doing black magic on ppl who not even worried bout them . Sick . The protected only gives out return to senders .leave me alone weirdoes !

Protected ones know it's better to send out healing and love vs return to senders
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