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Betul ke dia sayang aku? He alwys try find time to chat me bcs busy but today he just wish morning and hilang terus cmtu. Takkan sekejap pun tak on? Mmg busy or it's abt im not his priority ') u guys rasa?

Don't fuss over it too much. You can't constantly be the center of his attention

My bestfriend just tell me that dia nak pindah jauh dari sini and kitaorg spm this year. Legit I’m very sad after heard that and my tears tak nak henti 😭. Lps ni aku tak tau nak merepek ngn siapa dah. I hope her parents bgi dia habiskan spm dulu bru pindah 😭😭😭. I hope you guys feel me :).

I hope so :( i feel bad for you

Nanti bukak sekolah ni sambil tunggu result Spm and U, rasanya aku patut mereput kat rumah atau pergi sekolah pura2 nak belajar?

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cari kerja bruh

Weh asal semua study last minit x de sekor pun study prepare gila2 hahahahahah lol, ke korang acah je ni last minit 😏

Study memang last minute. Belajar 24/7
we learn everyday. studying doesn't define your grades. but what you learn helps you get good grades.

kita kena buat apa untuk menjauhi orang yang fake?

It;s sort of impossible. Fake ass rats live among us. But, when we do meet a fake person, deal with it and get rid of them from your life in the best way possible.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one

Thank you! I don't celebrate but merry christmas to those who celebrate <3

klu korg diberi dua pilihan sama ada nak selamat kan ayah or ibu korg,korg pilih yg mna❤️

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Wow what a question. I honestly don't know. I love both my parents equally as much :/

Bedtime story, please

I like scary stories..
Idk if you feel the same way but if you're interested in that I suggest you go on youtube and search loeylane. she has lots of scary/paranormal stories and I like watching them at night.


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