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I'm in eighth grade I'm failing all my classes not because having trouble because I'm not n turning in work. My dad got an email that e have to retake my Spanish class he is not very happy about it but I myself don't really care about Spanish. but he's disappointed and I feel really bad. Is anyone g

Just try your best, you'll get through it

POV: You're getting your nails done at a place with coffin nail styles. It's up to your decision which kind of colors/decore you want. What do you pick? 1: Vibrant shades, 2: Dark gothic, 3: Glitter!, 4: Anime themed, 5: Pastel, 6: Other (tell me which one if you pick other)

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What would you do if your boyfriend has been running for a while with his best friend, his Best friends girlfriend, and a running group. Then his ex from a while ago joins in. His ex girlfriend happens to be his best friends girlfriends cousin. Do you have the right to be upset?

I'm not sure


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