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How is staying in for ground school like? and also are the bunks like BMT or rooms like OCS? There's a bar at AFTC right? Is it opened for trainees?

Hahaha are you interested in signing on? Staying in for ground school is fun la it gives you a right balance of time to yourself and time to study together and bond with the course. Wednesdays are nights out days and Thursday's we have karaoke and cheap beer at the mess (which is the bar you mentioned). The bunks are two man bunks kinda like OCS but slightly smaller I would say. There's always the option of ordering food in for dinner such as fast food (and many other exciting options as long as you think creatively 😉) and that makes staying in with your course a lot more fun and enjoyable. The gym and track is also available with the tennis squash and bball courts for the trainees to use after office hours, and the library is also open till about 8pm on some days. If you wanna know more you can drop a contact and I can answer more of your questions!

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What's the reason why some trainees can go to USN WSO, Canada NFTC, and some just after 2 months in 130 go to SUPT?

WSO and pilots have different routes! For a WSO we can either go to USN NFO (Naval Flight Officer) training, FAF WSO (French Air Force) training, or 130SQN then 150SQN for training. Pilots wise they will go to 130SQN and get streamed from there. Those who display good flying ability and character will be selected for overseas courses if the time and space allows for them to, and they can go to SUPT, USN UPT, NFTC, ItAF, IERW etc for their advanced training! Most overseas courses are for fighter potential trainees though except for IERW which is for rotary wing trainees.

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Wow so you can like choose which streams that you want? Is it normal for people to sign on for pilot wso late like after ord?

I signed my contract after I ORD-ed! Ok la technically I extended my service for 3 months so I didn't ORD hahaha. The last day of my extension was the first day of my regular service 👍🏻 and yeah there are a lot of people who do that, some go out to work before coming back and some go out to study as well hahaha

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As a WSO fighter trainee that is commissoned, do you earn more then your fellow cadets in the course?

Sorry it took so long to reply but yes I do earn more. It's purely because of the rank difference though. Imagine in the corporate world where a CEO is doing the same job as a front desk guy, the pay difference is purely because of position, not job scope hahaha

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