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Sometimes I wish I did have a bf. But then I remember, it'll just be a distraction for me in myife right now ...

You absolutely have this figured out perfectly. No need to give give your attention to anyone if your souls needs it most
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Why are you so busy looking for a soulmate, when you don’t even have a soul, bruh?

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Lol how did this end up in my inbox . Lol . Bruhhhh

If you have been through a lot by people who hated you for no reason do you justify their actions or do you let God do that

Inthemoment45’s Profile PhotoVenesia Serebour
I consider that as a personal
Problem . What they have against me it between him/her and themselves

Do you miss your ex?

Who keeps asking this question over and over . I got this question in my inbox late last night lol
Absolutely do not miss her .
But legally still married to the the bitch. Lol

Does everyone remember how in 2012 they were saying the world was going to end?

Zemxo’s Profile PhotoZanny
The Movie 2012 is what got to peoples weak minds
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I am not a people person

Woke on being polite and treating others as you would want them to treat you.

If money, food, etc, wasn't a problem, how many kids would yall have ???

I didn’t consider not being able to provide my kids and a family . I want 4 kids


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