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Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Yes I do still have feelings for my ex. I guess once you have a kid with a person and have meaningful sex with that person those thoughts always come up in your head going forward I believe,for me anyway.
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What's stopping you from making an OnlyFans account?

The reason I don't have a fans Only fans account is : for one, recently I had to close all my accounts because some fraudulent activity that happened with someone I met that was from Indonesia. It took me a while to figure out how they were able to connect to my account. I'm talking about a bank account and they did it through different platforms where they got me to trust them and I opened up to them and really screwed up everything, I ended up having to shut everything down for a while

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You truth hurts…Are you willing to talk, respectfully, with purpose. It might not be able to be repaired, does that mean we don’t try

It all depends on who you're talking to, some people make a decision and they will not change no matter what you say. They will close you off even if what you have to say to them would change your mind. A lot of this happens in miscommunication. I have an acquaintance who is just like that. If he didn't understand what you said in the beginning and he sets his mind. There's nothing you can say to change his mind because he won't even let you speak

Plans tonight?

I wish I could meet someone that lives in my area here in Las Vegas and we can just go kick back and get to know each other in the park or by walking on one of the beautiful trails near the streams around here
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Do you often answer your calls from numbers that aren’t in your contacts list?

No I'm very skeptical about answering phone calls when I don't know the person because there have been a lot of times where it seems like people seem genuine but they're not and you become their friends and then you find out they're from some of the part of the world and they're using a platform to get to you and then they're asking you by cryptocurrency or something like that

If we ever try it again, it will be a dream come true again

Someone said something this morning about having a dream about someone in wanting to share it to them and then hang up without getting their reaction to it is that person still online

I meant it all, I’m only crazy about u. I still love you

It's kind of weird how some people use this platform to express their love to their friends or to someone that they're wanting to solidify their relationship on a platform where everyone gets to see what they're doing

As anyone ever wrote you a poem

Yes I was written poems when I was in high school but not since well maybe a couple times when I was

Would you chat with someone who is married?

Yes but as long as I know they're married and happily married I would chat with them just as I would chat with people just to be generally cool about Chad with someone just a chat

Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?

I like sweet potatoes the way they taste after you bake them pumpkin pie is a squash and I actually don't like the taste of it until it's made into pumpkin pie so I'd have to go with sweet potato pie

Do you have any kids or no?

I have one daughter but after me and her mother are separated we basically don't talk anymore maybe saying hi on the holidays or

Mood ❤

I'm in excellent mood but I've been answering questions rapidly for the last 15 to 20 minutes and I'm still not sure if I'm getting anyone responding to my reaction

What are white boys good at

I believe white boys are getting anything use of their mind to you just as any other nationality I believe it takes practice to be perfect

Do you allow yourself to have a reset day ?

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Yes I always allow myself to have a reset day especially when I get something that I'm not proud of because it was over and above what I would usually do and I'm kind of questioning why I did it because I'm a little bit embarrassed about it because when I talk to people about it I actually don't want to tell them all the details
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I’m going on a 5 hour walk - what problem should I try to solve on the way?

5 hours of walking you're going to be doing a lot of thinking it depends if you're going alone or if you're going with someone if you go with someone most likely going to be talking with them and not focus on your own issues if that's what you're going on at 5-hour walk for

I’m spending thanksgiving alone with no family nor friends! 😥

Yeah that is kind of lonely but if you stay on social media platforms you can talk to someone or find someone to at least listen to you but be aware I just have clothes a couple accounts because someone was trying to steal money from my account

How are you doing

I'm doing excellent but it's kind of like people just shooting plus inside you that's all you do is answer off the top of your head which is kind of cool because you know it's pretty much the truth when someone doesn't edit their thinking just to please The Listener or the person asking the question
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are u on snap

No I was on a lot of different social media platforms snap being one of them but there were some people in a different country that was trying to get my information and trying to get money out of one of my account so I closed all my social media accounts down it sucks because I had to start from scratch again

Why do people not care about your feelings

Probably because they're self-centered and more into themselves and how they feel in their not open-minded and they are narcissistic

Is it ok to be gay

If that's what your preference is yes it's okay because that's who you are and you have to love yourself or you're going to be totally miserable and sad and I don't believe anyone deserves to be miserably and sad when they were born to certain way

What do you wanna do as a career

I would love to get back into being a stockbroker and managing people's money it is fun and very satisfying


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