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Anyone been in relationship with someone diagnosed with BPD borderline personality disorder ,how long did it last ,and any advice

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I almost got married to a beautiful woman that had a bipolar disorder. Actually, I'm kind of sad it didn't work out to where we are married now. I wasn't completely legally separated from my first wife when I met her. My advice is to know the person real well. See if they're medicated properly, I'm sure they are. And decide if you're willing to deal with that as a major part of your life. I would have done it with the person I'm talking about if my situation were different at that time. She had met someone else in the meantime and we never got together again. I was actually friends with her mother, before mother died I managed her financial accounts.

What do you do when you have nothing on your mind

Would have nothing on my mind, I enjoy that occasion. That's where I try to get when I meditate. That's the basic principle in transcendental meditation. Don't think about anything and be able to keep any thoughts from entering your mind.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to flirt with a stranger? And if you are. How strong is your flirt game?

It all depends on the situation. If I'm at a casino and have a couple of free drinks while using the slot machines. I tend to flirt more with the women that I meet at the casino. Several times I turned down invitations to go with them to whatever they wanted to do just because I wasn't done gambling yet. Although in hindsight I wish I would have left with them.

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is a loser who has never had a lover before at the age of 30

I need someone almost your age that is still a virgin, he doesn't consider himself a loser just because of that. He's so good with electronics and fixing them everyone brings their Xbox to his house and has them fix it. So he's very popular. Although he does have some depression issues I believe.

Outfit today?

I'm wearing all black, black shorts, black top and black thongs so I can run around the house up and down the stairs.

Is reading fun to you?

I love reading,I love reading legal fiction books like from the author John Grisham, I've read every one of his books. If you like his books you need to have a bit of a Legal education/background to really enjoy his legal spins he puts in his books.

Did you go to the World Series in Texas

I did not go to the world series in Texas, I did not have the opportunity to go to the world series in Texas although I would have loved to

Do you like your steak medium , medium rare, medium well, well done, torched or rare? 🥩 😟

I love my steak medium rare with just a little blood dripping from it

Is there anything that makes you far angrier than it should?

Yes, but it's only temporary anger because I know there's nothing I can really do about it. I'll use this event as an example. On Thanksgiving Day, well watching the news,I saw this. There were two people arguing in a nice neighborhood over a parking spot. One of the guys pulled a gun out and shot the other guy who called 911. The phone went blank for a while, the guy that was shot got back on the phone and said, " I'm dying"and then the phone went blank again. That 40 year old man died on Thanksgiving over a parking spot! That pissed me off.

I'm sad currently

I'll say this about being sad. If You're sad for a good reason, experiencing those feelings is the normal thing. But if you dwell in those feelings and count that go, then it might become a problem. I believe that is because you start looking at yourself and wondering what part you had in the original issue. You might blame yourself, when there's nothing you could possibly do about it at this time. This is when it gets destructive. I try to change my thoughts to something positive.

What do you think about the globalists

I don't think about them, their view or perception is what they feel will work best in this big world, so you got to give them credit for wanting the best for everybody. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that's their stance.

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Would you mind if the person you like is an Uber driver?

I really don't judge people by their job. An Uber driver can make a decent amount of money, and be a really nice person. I guess it depends on the individual. I guess when we all make decisions on who we want to go out with we look at every area of the other person's life, so it all depends on the individuals preferences I guess.

Did you go to college?

I would do several colleges. That was the thing to do in the late '80s and '90s. It was a place to hang out, to be people, and to join clubs that you enjoyed. In addition, you join clubs with people that have common interests as yourself. You must remember back in the late '80s and early '90s we did not have cell phones yet. Everything was done differently. Everything nowadays seems simple. But actually I believe it became more complex making it more difficult. But that is my opinion, I am sure a lot of people would disagree with me.


I wonder why the teddy bear is disappointed? I realize that there's a lot of private conversations going on but why they end up on the general platform where everyone reads it, is baffling me. If your directing a question to a certain individual why would you want everyone to see it and not be able to respond to it that's my question.

For this Christmas I want us to be together ♥️

I am new to this app I just started using it last night. So when I see a posting, I'm not sure who it's being directed to is there somewhere I can go to find out where it's being directed? I do respect the fact that the person that has the alien face as their picture is directing their post to a certain person. I do not want to violate that by answering a question that is being sent to another person. But getting back to that post. It would be nice to be together with someone this Christmas, in a relationship is what I'm referring to.

Why do people hate Jews? What is it that they do/did to cause hatred towards them? Was it the killing of Christ? Don't you think it's been enough thousands of years for people to heal from what they did? I mean come on it's been 2022 years since the death of Jesus can't people forgive??

Pontius Pilate was not Jewish for one. Second, Both my parents died when I was 3 years old. I was raised by a Jewish family in California. My biological parents were catholic and had me baptized when I was exactly 1 years old on my birthday which this year came out a day before Thanksgiving. There's a lot of things that this Jewish family did in their belief system that I do not disagree with. They kicked my only brother out when he was 16, basically because he found a lot of jewelry on his paper route and gave it to them. Instead of being joyful because of what he did. They kicked him out and hid the jewels for many years. But if you go back to that old saying the scapegoat. That's what they did they put the sin on him and made him leave. My only brother died of a heart attack at the age of 30. I attribute his death to having to leave and be kicked out such a young age for nothing.

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Did you vote?

Yes I believe voting is something that is important. But first off you have to believe it works. I believe if everyone voted we have a different outcome than we do now. There are so many people that just don't care because they have no trust in the system, so they sign it off and say it's a waste of time. It's like anything else though, the people that are interested in the subject are the ones that are going to skew the direction of the vote, which kind of makes it a popular vote, and the most popular wins.

Why is it so difficult for adults to have a conversation without arguing

It basically comes down to one's person's perception of whatever it is they're arguing about or talking about. We all were raised in different areas of the country with different standards. Everyone has a different perception of something than the other. It's human nature to believe that your perception is right because that's the way that you learned it. And that's why you have people argue when you try to tell them if they don't know what they're talking about because they're the ones that went through the hard time of learning it in the first place.

باركولي 💔

If I could understand what's being asked what question is being asked then I'd answer it I did get this in a different language and I haven't translated it yet but they did send a broken heart which makes me wonder did I break someone's heart in a different country that I'm unaware of???


I put this picture on ask if him because we had a connection and I believe a prematurely closed all my accounts without thinking about her and how it would affect her and I know that would hurt me not knowing things that someone just blew me off. But that's not the case. I didn't just blow her off I tried to connect but because I deleted so much information it was basically hard to start over again that's why if you notice on that picture it looks like there's little lines that's because that phone was shattered and I had her as my screensaver. So when you turn on the phone her picture appears but you can tell because I dropped the phone and it landed perfectly it shattered the glass and then I put glue on the glass which kept the screen intact and usable but it's my second phone.

Can you get back

It's kind of weird it seems like someone answered on my other picture which means I must have two counts. I wanted to say that first before I answer the question the question says can you get back. I believe if you try hard enough you could accomplish anything. But then there's the question is it going to be worth it to get what you wanted in the first place but now the excitement of the chase is over. So I'm on the fence with that question. I believe you just have to ponder it and figure out what's important to you today!

Where is everyone? I’m in central AR

I am in Whitney Las Vegas which is about a 10-minute drive from the MGM Hotel planet Hollywood or the Bellagio Hotel and Casino


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