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i'm eating beans in butter. horseradish sauce and pickles. All mixed together. Good breakfast!

That sounds like a cowboy crawled out of the grave before returning to the Underworld. I dig it

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Opinion on polyamory?

If done right it seems awesome. Just a hard concept for some to grasp without experience

Are you open to eating/trying out foods that are from a different culture than yours?

Oh heeeellz yeah. I love Chinese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese food much more than American fare

Thoughts on abortions?

I am pro choice but not pro abortion. It's a sad and mortifying thing to go through and shouldn't be done frivolously. We have IUDs and condoms. But it is an individual's choice to protect their health and no man who loves his partner will choose a clump of cells over a fully formed adult human being.


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