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Do you have family members that think they're better than you?

Interesting question do you?
Idc about that stuff even if some do oh well.
There is no competition. Focus on self.
It’s weird, stuff like this occurs in families unfortunately.
Pretty sad.

Why am I always the bad guy?

Depends on what you did. Hopefully you didn’t do anything.
Not a lot of context here.
Maybe it’s how you are.

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why do some people choose to isolate themselves when they're going through something instead of looking for support?

Just something that happens sometimes

you steady talking but ain’t doing a damn thing to fix your own problems

Hmmmm interesting🤔💀😂

Have you ever dressed up casually to an event where others dressed up more fancy? If so, how did that make you feel? Personally, I felt uncomfortable.


When you were shopping, has a guy or a girl ever followed you? It happened to me before but because he was cute (imo), I wasn’t as creeped out as I should’ve been.

I’ve been followed around or just stared at

Have you ever came across someone who would be mean to you or others for the sake of impressing those around them but then were nice again in private?

Some people are weird like that


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