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Are you jealous because him and your mom are talking?

Yeah I find it super creepy. I think he's trying to separate my parents..

I've known Garrett for a really long time, and I get the impression that he doesn't have like a goal to talk to a lot of freshman girls, I think he's just really friendly! He's actually a great guy. Maybe if you got to know him first instead of just jumping to conclusions, you'd figure that out.

ehh I think I'm good..

What's going on with you and Garrett Bacon..?

Me and Garrett, or Garrett and every girl in the freshman class? #zingaaa

I saw it with my own eyes. He dominated you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I thought you said sources told you? Maybe you should learn to clean up your lies...

Sources tell me that Garrett Bacon took you to school in the cul-de-sac.

well then you need to get new sources...

That's not what it looks like to me. Personally, I think he's kinda cute too. Great jaw line

Well that's what it is. Idk, I've seen better jaw lines...

Wow that is so rude of you, he seems like a great guy.

he's really not, he's actually kind of a freak...

I see you've been hanging out with Garrett Bacon, what's that about?

It's all for charity, I do what I can.


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