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Okay, date the day, tell me animes you've been watching.

zankyou no terror, atlok book 3; change, haikyuu, re: hamatora, kuroshitsuji boc, hastag bench anime (sao 2 just to see how horrible it is), gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, dmmd (but the animation is really bleh, gonna drop it soon prob), barakamon, love stage!, and how can i forget free! eternal summer. these are those that i watch no lie. curious why tokyo ghoul is not in it? truth is, i can't stand blood.

What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?

you know the 'you can only pick two' rules? yeah, they're so damn true, and if i have to pick, attitude and money is the most important.
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What song did you most recently get tired of due to its overplaying?

i don't like change. i will not get tired of something so easily, but it doesn't mean i enjoy it, i just hate to change it. i really dislike change.
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Things that recently made you laugh?

i watched eyk's music monday featuring eric nam, he's really hilarious and cute! :D
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